First Footage of PS3’s MAG

For those that are uninitiated, MAG, or Massive Action Game, is an FPS game coming for the PS3 that promises 256 player multiplayer matches. Massive, indeed, no? While I’ve been doubtful about pulling this off, Sony has come along to prove us all wrong with a new MAG trailer along with real-time footage of some of the big battles in question.

This is all very early, but what do you guys think? Can they pull this off?

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11 thoughts on “First Footage of PS3’s MAG”

  1. They can if they don’t charge people monthly/yearly to play. I just hate games that do that and will probably never pay monthly for a game. (unless maybe I get super rich and money isn’t a problem)

    It will probably still be a fun game, but there will be many other great games to play in the future that you only have to pay once for.

  2. I dunno. Im skeptical. I know this, I am going to be wanting a PS3. I just dont know when I will get one.

    A game like this…massive numbers of players like that. I can only imagine it being really fun if its well organized. I can see kids going off and doing what they want and the game being..well one sided. We will have to see. It has some massive potential.

  3. I’ve always said a war game isn’t a war game if you only have 30 people on the field. But in all seriousness, 256 is a bit high.. It just going to be mass chaos. And a number of players that high means you’re going to need big maps, witch will make hunting down the last couple guys hell for DM gameplay. (if there is DM gameplay)

  4. This looks epically awesome, and might be my excuse to get a PS3 finally. Maybe. Hopefully MAG will impress me even more.

  5. [quote comment=”6320″]This looks epically awesome, and might be my excuse to get a PS3 finally.[/quote]
    I agree…as long as they stay with the whole ‘free’ thing that the PSN has going for it and don’t introduce subscription fees.

  6. The key thing i think is the map size and how the nades are implemented. Cause with one nade per person with this many players is going to be spamfest galore. The second one is if this will be a realistic, ie one hit one kill or more arcady. I don’t know sounds awesome, but so many games have potential already.

  7. Has a lot of potential, but there are a whole lotta factors involved. Lag, low player numbers (will the maps expand accordingly?) The aforementioned little kiddies running around, frame rate, server capacity…lots. Let’s not forget that one previous game made a similar statement. Granted the company that ran them at the time….well I can’t say it without being modded ( =P ) Anyway, it was BF2, anyone remember that? EA said they’d support 125 players, and the maps would expand accordingly. Course we know how that turned out =/

    PLUS! About the skill ladders and stuff, games with that always create an eventual unfairness that’s near impossible for newbies to conquer. One team can have players with godly skills they’ve unlocked, and the other can just be starting. Maybe I’m going too far into this 😛 Looks fun atleast.

  8. I don’t see this happening successfully from a hardware point of view. Even though this is early footage, it’s obvious they’ve had to compromise the amazing graphics and physics that has allowed the PS3 to be competitive. It looks like all of the actions, from the AA battery to the falling plane(?) are scripted. I can only imagine what 200 ragdolls and explosions would do to a server’s ping, much less the individual players ping affecting gameplay. Depending on how they deal with it, people with bad connections could have an advantage over those with good ones. (See WoW pvp for an example of that)

    That said, this is early, and the game has great potential. I really hope I’m wrong and it turns out great, because it WILL be groundbreaking if it lives up to (Sony’s) expectations. It’d be really cool if in 10 years I can say “Heh, remember when FPSs only let you play with like 30 people? How could we stand that?”

  9. I REALLY REALLY want this to be good and a pay-once-play-forever thing. I know that there will always be those idiots who can’t organise a squad to save their lives but how is that different from any other game? COD is still fun, Killzone is still fun so I’m hoping that out of the 127 teamates I have, 75% of them want to play properly.

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