Today’s Totally Lame: Uncharted 2 Has Multiplayer

uncharted2I know we’ve talked about this before, but it really is starting to bother me. Apparently, Naughty Dog is adding a multiplayer component to Uncharted 2, complete with 3 player co-op and deathmatch, among some other game modes. While I don’t mind the 3 player co-op (though it is kind of a weird number to settle on), the deathmatch mode just annoys me. Uncharted is a platformer a la Prince of Persia- why does it need a deathmatch mode?

Sure, I can just avoid playing the multiplayer when the game comes out, but my real concern is that a subpar deathmatch mode just seems like it’s a waste of valuable developer time to me. It’s the same as people complaining that Bioshock or Mirror’s Edge didn’t have multiplayer. I understand that it adds some replay value, but why can’t games be single player anymore?

What do you think about platformers like Uncharted 2 having a multiplayer component? Do you celebrate it, or do you want a more focused single player experience?

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7 thoughts on “Today’s Totally Lame: Uncharted 2 Has Multiplayer”

  1. this could also count as today’s wtf. This MP will never be fun uncharted was meant for single player. Also all the big MP markets are series such as halo and call of duty they will never be able to be popular. This will provide maybe 5 or 10 minutes of fun max

  2. First Bioshock 2, then this! People need to stop demanding this, it devotes some of their time away from the part of the game that was great in the first game.

  3. Coop could be fun if its not made to be played co-op. What I mean is, take RE5… its more fun coop and made to be played coop. If its not forced on me I think it could be fun. The deathmatch mode probably wont be used much on my version of the game. My favorite part of the first was the platforming and story, the gun fights were tedious and were just something you had to do before you got to another fun part. As long as the additions dont take away from the final single player experience I sceptically welcome them.

  4. Bah, it’s just an add-on. While I don’t mind an addition, even a pathetic one, to an already great game, I know it’ll take off points (for some reason, since it is just a bonus for the most part). And if it’s actually pretty good, great.
    Some games should have MP, some shouldn’t. Usually, it’s just a lame afterthought, but sometimes reviewers take off from a game because it lacks MP. Seriously, HOW COULD YOU HAVE MULTIPLAYER FOR FALLOUT 3 OR BIOSHOCK?! It just wouldn’t work right.

  5. Just throwing my $0.02 out there, if the developers want to add some sort of multiplayer to their game, I guess we’re going to have to buck up and accept it, lame or not lame as it might be. Retro Studios could have opted to not include a multiplayer mode in Metroid Prime 2, considering Metroid is usually centered around singleplayer, but they did anyway. (and got blasted for it, god damn reviewers) MP2 still had a great singleplayer adventure anyway (at least, in my honest opinion) without that extra multiplayer mode dragging it down. I guess what i’m trying to say is that perhaps we should be a little patient and hear a little more about this multiplayer mode before we make judgments. If it’s just an extra, sure, no problem. If they’re going to make it a fully-fleshed-out experience ala Halo or Call of Duty, then there might be a problem.

  6. I don’t care. If they want to add multiplayer let them. If it’s good: I’ll play it. If it’s bad: I’ll treat it like FC2: great single player shit multiplayer. I’ll just focus on what I enjoy in the game. Also, co-op FTW.

  7. Multiplayer seems to be almost a requirement for games these days. Adding multiplayer to a game is fine if it would work, Uncharted is not one of those games. Although co-op does sound pretty cool. On another note, multiplayer in Bioshock 2 makes me doubt the quality of the game, sadly. It was made to be single player, and now less developing time is being devoted to it.

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