GamerSushi Asks: Chicken Soup for the Gamer’s Soul

dr_mario2We all get sick and have to miss work or class or other obligations. Sometimes we get so sick that we can barely lift our heads off the pillow. Sometimes it’s merely a stomach virus and when not giving birth to food babies, we manage to find time for games. And sometimes, we don’t care and play through the pain anyway. After all, the world needs saving!

I remember in high school, I was taking summer classes to lighten my load for my senior year. I came down with a horrible case of mono. Awesome. Not only was I nursing a broken heart due to a certain girl, but I got to lay in bed all day and not be able to move! Seriously, I had to crawl to the kitchen the first few days just to get some cereal. But it wasn’t all bad because that summer, I played two of my favorite games ever for the very first time.

First, I borrowed a copy of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night from my buddy, Ben. I had not played a game in this series since Castlevania II for the NES, but I had always been a fan. So I gave it a shot. I loved the 2-D graphics and the awesome music. I loved the exploration element, which was like a Gothic version of Metroid. And I loved just becoming immersed in the whole game and discovering all kinds of amazing things, like the upside down castle. It was truly an amazing experience and I am glad it happened the way it did.

The other game I played was Final Fantasy Tactics. Anyone who visits this site knows I love me some Final Fantasy. So I wanted to give this spin-off a try. At first, I did not really understand what I was supposed to do, but once I got the hang of it, I started to enjoy myself a bit. Then, the job classes started opening up and I was addicted. I needed to unlock every single job and try them all out in order to build the most powerful party ever seen in Ivalice. MWA HAHAHA. Sorry.

But honestly, the job system, with its classic Final Fantasy icons like the Black and White Mage, just lured me in and has never left me alone. I sank 60 plus hours into that game. The story, though poorly translated, was another aspect that I really loved. The traitorous church and demons and political strife…I ate it up. I played until the mono wore me out, then I rested and played some more. That summer started off so badly, but when it was over, I realized I had played some of the finest games of my life. And I actually miss having mono.

What about you guys? Any times you were sick and ended up having fun because of a game?

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  1. Sick days ftw! Actually, I don’t like being sick because of the homework and once in a while I’ll actually be deathly ill, but if I can move to get a drink of water from the water bottle next to my bed, I force myself out of bed to play games.
    My best sick day was in 8th grade. I don’t remember the exact day, but I was sick with a really horrible cough, fever, sniffles, and zombification (:D). But, I had just prestiged in CoD4 (my third prestige) and was pwning fools like nobody’s business with the G3, MP5, Skorpion vz.64, and USP .45. It was a good day. 30+ challenges, 40 levels, and several single-handed victories in Search. It was uberfun.
    It gets better, since the next day, I was even worse. Yayz! I played more CoD4, gained 4 levels, and then noticed that I hadn’t busted out Assassin’s Creed which I got with CoD4 when I bought it. I played and was instantly in love with it. The exploration, the combat, the stealth, and the almighty assassinations. Seriously, the assassinations were worth all the repetition, which actually didn’t bother me so much. So after hours upon hours of AC, I closed the day with about 5 more levels of CoD4, and then had to go to school for the Friday, and then MORE COD4 AND AC! I was a happy camper with a Shotgun…

  2. Well, not so much a sicness but… Two christmases ago I had a horrible case of the stomach flu. I was laying on the sofa while everyone else opened their gifts, occasionally opening the odd gift for me here and there (Got the collectors edition of Independence Day and Day After Tomorrow) As I puke every once in a while I get brought this rather large, heavy gift. I hold down whatever is left in my stomach and open the gift. It was a 360. Needless to say I had lots of fun disovering how aweaome a 360 and Forza Motorsprt 2 are. All with a puke bucket just a few feet away. 🙂

  3. I’ll never forget one day I was sick and couldnt go to school, so I jumped onto the Server of choice in CS at the time, which was Jayballs Seattle ( if anyone ever played there ). It turned out that my BEST FRIEND was also sick, and he was there too, and we were both laughing our heads off that we were sick the same day. We went to different schools so hadnt seen eachother much lately, so it was probably the best 8 hours of sickness/gaming ever.

    Totaly awesome experience.

  4. Unfortunately the last two times I have been sick I was either too sick to play or somewhere without any games. I caught strep throat while in Wyoming on my brother-in-law’s ranch, and they do not have any video games. But hay I got to watch A LOT of John Wayne movies : ) The second time I had mono, a fever, and was throwing up all the time, so I did not feel like doing anything.

  5. When I was much younger and there wasn’t anything better than the N64 out, when I came down with some pretty terrible colds I would spend all day playing the first Paper Mario game. Unbelievably fun times. I actually replayed the game several times.

  6. I remember back in seventh grade I too had a bad case of mono and was out of school for like a month. I played lots of FFX and even more kingdom hearts and ratchet and clank. It was pretty freaking sweet.

  7. Um, the last time I was sick during school time was January 07 so I got to play plenty of Zelda TP. That’s it really.

  8. Always ended up playing SOCOM all day. Wake up…too sick for school…and instead of going back to bed, jumped on my ps2 and for the entire day just went through some good ol’ navy seal action. Nothing cures sickness like a good gaming session and mountain dew

  9. A lot of times when I was sick and didn’t have anything new to play, I would tackle the Midgar section of the opening of Final Fantasy VII. I know, I’m a nostaglic freak, but I love that first few hours of the game.

  10. I made it a goal that when I’m sick, I would perfect my Jet Force Gemini file. Then I would spend a few hours of gmod and cs and all that.

    I usually end up continuing the three heart challenge on ocerina of time though :]

  11. When I get sick I usually do gmod or somthing simple. I don’t want my blood to rush to my head.

    so on gmod, I don’t even build there. I smash zombies will my phis gun and some red crates. Oh, what fun! I feel better every second doing that lol

  12. Yeah I’d have to say that CS:S was and always has been my Chicken Soup. Anytime I’m pissed or stressed, just relaxing and having a good ol’ time fraggin’ wit ma frat bro’s and callin’ every1 “N00B” got the clunk out of my system and hit that emotional spot just right.

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