Late to the Party: Team Fortress 2

tf2If you were unaware, the Orange Box is only $9.99 for the weekend on Steam. So if for some reason you’ve been holding out on this game, it’s probably time to steal it for this low price. Since I’ve only ever played it via other people’s computers, I figured it was time to buy it for myself. And let me say, playing Team Fortress 2 over the weekend has been incredible.

I know many people have already played (and gotten tired) of this awesome game, but I’m experiencing it for the first time really almost 2 years later. I’m really enjoying the team play, and somehow, playing as a backstabbing bastard (aka The Spy) seems to really suit me.

Have you guys ever jumped on to a game years after its release to discover what everybody else already knew? Go!

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16 thoughts on “Late to the Party: Team Fortress 2”

  1. Jumped on a game years after its release… yeah, I did that once with CS and CS:S. I had never thought that buying your weapons each life while losing them upon death would work so well. And it only got better once I realized that always buying the heavy machine gun wasn’t the only option.

  2. TF2 is a great game. I got the Orange Box for the PS3 (it really sucks that Valve won’t run any updates for this one). I wish i had a decent PC to run it…
    Anyways, I have jumped on a lot of games well after they have been released. I jumped on Final Fantasy Tactics right before I played Final Fantasy XII…how many years is that? I got MGS3 about 2 years after it was released. This will happen more and more as we grow older Eddy…we have less time to play games (I’m 26 and have been playing games since the Commodore 64).

  3. Cs for sure, never heard of it till after source came out and even then I went out and bought cs:cz ( which I still prefer nao) another big one though would have to be gears of war, for the longest time I thought I was a game that just did not apeal to me, well it came free with my xbox and wow, I fell on love with it. Wierd cause I was so sure I would not have liked it, but it deffintly blew me outta the water, the most recent one though would be I wanna be the guy, super freggin hard but so fun!

  4. Funny story, I also got The Orange Box for my PS3, entirely because of Portal. TF2 on the PS3 sucks though. In the end, HL2 and the episodes became my absolute favorite to a huge extreme. At the time, I had a 6 year old computer, but knew that if I could find the first HL, I could play it. That’s when I found steam. HL+mods and steam convinced me to ask for a new PC for my 16th birthday, along with a bunch of Valve stuff. Now I play tons of TF2, along with a ton of other games that I never got a chance to play, like Bioshock, CSS, Far Cry, Halo, and GMod.

  5. I miss a lot of game releases. I’m on a tight budget and usually stick to what I have. But whenever I get a little bit of extra cash, I go and buy something that was once popular. Some examples in the past few years include: KOTOR, Chrono Trigger, the Sims, Tribes, and World of Warcraft. There’s alot more, but those are the ones that just popped in my head.

  6. I got TF2 at the start of ’09, and I still play it almost daily – it’s just a super multi-player game!
    I got into CS:S waaaaay after it was released (I too found out that buying the machine gun wasn’t the only option, though dumbing 5K on the gun sure feels good when you start learning how to use it!)

  7. The Orange box for 9.99?? Everytime I see STEAM I feel like I’m dreaming, its always too good to be true.

    a Series I came into years after its release is The Longest Journey. If you play games for the Story, and like to think outside the box, and enjoy a point-and-click environment, this is an absolutely excellent series so far. The first game came out Nov. 2000, with a metascore of 91.

    Definitely worth the play.

    also, I fell into CS the day the 1.5 Patch came out.

  8. Yeah, TF2 is great. I’ve been playing it since the beta and I still love it. My favorite classes are Pyro, Heavy, and Scout. As for games I discovered late, MGS has to be a big one for me. I hardly knew what it was and had no real interest in it until my friend showed me MGS3 (which is probably my favorite in the series) Soon after that I bought my own copy and later on pretty much every other game in the series.

  9. About three years after its release, I bought the StarCraft Battle Chest. I was about…11 years old, I believe.

  10. I myself picked up TOB for $10 this weekend. I have had TF2 for a while now though, picked it up maybe a month or two ago. its pretty fun. Its very team based, which is good.

    Eddy, whats your address for STEAM? We should play sometime! Facebook it too me!

  11. I have it on my PC (a present from my uncle) and I don’t really like it, but that’s probably because I’m rubbish at it!

  12. Eddy,welcome aboard!!
    We should play together someday…
    Guys, if you want to play sometime, add me on steam : Hokage_Naruto

  13. I got Fable a few years after its release and I loved it. I couldn’t understand what had earned it so much scorn on the internet.

    Not getting hyped up about a game is a very good thing indeed.

    So fun to just burn people and do his signature “Hmh hmh hmh hmmmh!”

  15. CS:S and portal. I never got into the first CS. Also, Halo. I never played the first or 2nd, seeing as I was one of the people that never saw the XBOX as just short of amazing when it first came out (reminded me of Dreamcast, which should have been a better system.)

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