Someone Should Make This TF2 RPG

tf2rpgI’ve seen a lot of mash ups in my life, and they don’t always work. However, when they’re solid, they’re freaking rock solid, and this is no exception. Over on the Team Fortress 2 Maps forums, user goldenhearted has thrown together a wicked concept: a Team Fortress 2 RPG, complete with a party of the Heavy and the Medic, on a mission to locate the Scout.

The really cool part about all of it is the menus and the user interface that he’s put together, complete with the classic and colorful Team Fortress 2 look. He’s posed a few cut scenes together with GMod, and even has some loading screen mock ups. All of it is really slick and just screams to be made into an actual game. So, modders, if you’re reading this, get to it!

To check out the awesome gallery of photos, head over to TF2Maps. Thanks to Lord Ned for the heads up.

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5 thoughts on “Someone Should Make This TF2 RPG”

  1. I love the screen with the sniper saying, “O these two blokes? Nah, just friends of mine. Came here to take your offer.” Behind the heavy’s head there is a blue demoman holding his nose and looking like he’s walking off a diving board! LOL

  2. Wow… looks professional. The art used for the text and menu screens is perfect for the feel for the game. The only thing wrong is that Half-life character… even in a still picture the arms look floppy and just not normal. I’ve never worked with G Mod though so it might be a lot harder then it seems.

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