Mega64 Tackles Shadow of the Colossus

Mega64 is up to their old tricks again, this time bringing the likes of the legendary PS2 game Shadow of the Colossus to the real world. While they typically just rehash and repeat the same material in these kinds of videos, I couldn’t help but laugh the first time he jumped on the suited Colossus’s back. Pure hilarity.


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9 thoughts on “Mega64 Tackles Shadow of the Colossus”

  1. Poor poor normal people having no clue that they are witnessing the best parody of what may be the worst game to movie translation ever!

  2. Just listening to the music while watching this was enough to bring back memories. And make me “lulz” through this entire video. I love how it picks up at just the right moment each time. And yes, the last part when he flopped over was epic “LOL”.

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