Left 4 Dead Survival Pack Hits Today!

l4dThe new DLC for Left 4 Dead releases today, bringing with it some new maps for versus play as well as a new mode, “Survival”. The more I read about Survival, the cooler it sounds. Basically, it takes the big crescendo moments from the campaigns (like the hospital elevator or the boat house) and stretches them out indefinitely, gradually adding more and more zombie spawns as you mow them down with limited supplies. This could be awesome.

The Survival Pack hit the 360 late last night, and should be out for the PC version later in the day. The best part of all of this is that it’s free, thanks to the fine dudes at Valve. I haven’t played Left 4 Dead in a month or so, but I just might play it like a maniac again thanks to this.

Who else is excited?

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12 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead Survival Pack Hits Today!”

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait for the every-fifteen-second tank spawns once the games get going. Now all we need is a survival versus mode. That would be incredible.

  2. My buddies and I have a team ready to roll as soon as it hits 🙂
    I am really looking forward to this, because after running through expert campaigns and never dying or getting incapped, I really wanted something that I could not survive – something that pushed us right over the edge – something that will spank you harder than Montrose’s PJ party – and I think the survival will be just that! One tank is hard enough to survive on expert, so I’ll be eager to see how we fair when more of ’em start appearing!

  3. as expected the pc version is delayed again, i love valve and all but they’re never orginized i wish just once they could do somthing major without delays, they’re letting they’re companys profile slip leading in mass disapointment and eveytime they do this they lose around 1/5 of their fan base but because it regenerates with new fans they think they can do what they want, i gotta say one more thing like this and im just stopping following them

  4. I had a big post lined up describing all that was wrong with your post, but here’s the summary:
    – you don’t know just how big 1/5 of the fanbase is
    – Valve doesn’t lose any company profile, really, since everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) knows they delay for perfection
    – learn to man up and be patient. Seriously, you didn’t expect this?

  5. As soon as I came home, I popped in Left 4 Dead, downloaded the DLC, and started playing Survival on Last Stand. And it is hard! (twss) Seriously though, there are hordes of zombies, Boomers, and Tanks raping you from all angles as soon as it starts, not to mention Hunters pouncing on you left and right and Smokers going fishing, dragging you off to god-knows-where for your teammates to stumble on your corpse later.
    But it’s so fun.

  6. Uh…L4D is updating right now in steam…I’m assuming that it’s dling the Survival Pack so I don’t know where you’re getting that it’s delayed.

  7. Survival kicks ass. My ass, I mean. I can barely hit three minutes at the Lighthouse, but that’s probably due to my team. Loving how they threw in a new loading screen poster for Last Stand, though. “It won’t end well.” Heh.

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