Fight Night Round 4 Trailer

One of the biggest surprises of this generation for me so for was when I first played Fight Night Round 3. It was pretty much the first HD game I played, and it looked stunning. But beyond that, playing it in a room full of people and beating the snot out of each other was such a blast, there have been few multiplayer games that have compared in terms of on-the-couch play. Needless to say, I’m really pumped about Fight Night Round 4, especially after the new trailer, which is comprised completely of in-game footage.

Anyone else play Fight Night Round 3? Excited about Round 4?

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One thought on “Fight Night Round 4 Trailer”

  1. I have a few friends who played the craap out of the 2nd one. I’m not much of one for boxing games, but this definitely looks stunning.

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