Bethesda Announces Fallout: New Vegas

las-vegasWell dudes, it looks like we finally have confirmation of a new Fallout sequel in 2010, courtesy of Bethesda. The next Fallout game will take place in a post-apocalyptic version of Las Vegas, and is another story told in the same universe we already know and love, much like The Pit or Anchorage.

While Fallout: New Vegas isn’t a true sequel to Fallout 3, it’s nice that a full game is coming, and the idea of a Las Vegas setting is super intriguing to me. Another interesting tidbit is that Obsidian, creators of KOTOR 2, are going to be working on this sequel with Bethesda, which should theoretically free Bethesda up to focus on other things- Elder Scrolls V, anyone?

So, who’s excited about the announcement of a new Fallout game?

Source- Kotaku

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15 thoughts on “Bethesda Announces Fallout: New Vegas”

  1. wow what is it with post-apocalyptic games set in Las Vegas. First Dead Rising and now Fallout

  2. Fallout has so many interesting variances with our timeline, it’ll be cool to see how Vegas was different before the bombs fell.

  3. [quote comment=”6140″]This is only the second game set in Vegas.[/quote]

    As far as I know there isn’t even one post-apocalyptic game set in Las Vegas released yet so seeing 2 being announced within weeks of each other is pretty interesting to me

  4. Well, a bunch of people who worked on the original Fallouts work at Obsidian, which is nice, but at the same time Obsidian is where sequels go to die… mixed feelings on this one.

  5. I think it is interesting how it took so long to go from Fallout 2 to Fallout 3 and now we have a new fallout coming out in ’10 which is like…no time at all…shows how advanced games have come (and how they realized they have a successful series to capitalize on).

  6. Yeah, I’m worried about Obsidian’s involvement as well. But maybe since Bethesda is in charge (I’m assuming), they won’t screw themselves over on time like they did with KOTOR2.

  7. The source says that it is not a sequel. I’m guessing it’s just a very large expansion/DLC dealio, yes. Sort-of like ESIV: Shivering Isles, but somewhat bigger, I assume.

  8. Forget a new Fallout!! TES V!!!!!!

    I think the vegas setting will give it more potential than what it had with DC. I dunno I keep thinking of R6V and how cool vegas was there. TO be honest Fallout 3 was great until I got back into Oblivion….now its cold turkey.

    But….there are rumors of TES V in 2010, a duel release??? That would be LAME!

  9. Yeah, I agree with you guys, it does sound like more of a large expansion than a true sequel.

    Also, Obsidian’s involvement does concern me a bit, too. They seem to be the go-to guys for sequels that the main developers don’t feel like making.

  10. [quote comment=”6153″]
    Also, Obsidian’s involvement does concern me a bit, too. They seem to be the go-to guys for sequels that the main developers don’t feel like making.[/quote]

    If you’re referring to Knights 2, it wasn’t entirely Obsidian’s fault that the game was a little messed up.

    I remember hearing a lot of hubbub around the ‘nets that LucasArts had forced Obsidian to pump out Knights 2 in time for a holiday release, thus denying the team the time they needed to finish the game. (Literally, it has no ending.)

    I personally loved Knights 2, and I think I’ve played it almost as many times as my front runner for increasingly weird obsessions, Halo: CE.

    Chris Avellone, an employee at Obsidian, was also part of the team that made Fallout 2, so I think that we’re in good hands.

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