Real Life Mirror’s Edge Is Awesome

I don’t really have a lot of words for this, except that a dude runs around with a camera and does lots of real life Mirror’s Edge style parkour craziness. Pretty impressive that he did all of this one handed. He also puts in some magic tricks. Thanks to Smarty for the link.


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14 thoughts on “Real Life Mirror’s Edge Is Awesome”

  1. Don’t forget the fact that he’s doing everything with just one hand. He is using the other hand to hold the camera.
    Free Running is just so, so amazing.
    Very cool!

  2. Now all the kid in the video has to do is dress up Altair and have one of his friends follow him around and he will cement his place in internet stardom.

  3. wow, um, EPIC!!!! i liked the dice haha, but i mean he IS asian so rly, kinda normal for a ninja.

  4. i love watching people good at parkour
    of course it makes me angry cuz i can’t do it haha. How do you learn how to do that anyway?

    i would say either the slide or the bike were the best parts

  5. OMG!!! this is really Altair stuff!!! How can he do that?! I wonder how many times he cut the video and redo the bike scene!

  6. Wow, that was cool. I like the fan made things like this or the MGS4 one. What next? A Big Daddy in public? MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!

  7. Very nice transistions. I got kinda bored halfway through but hey, its not like he has access to rooftops and cranes and stuff.

    Very nice.

  8. Ya doing this sorta stuff is really tough I know my brother’s friend is really into it and he’s almost as good as the guy in the video.

  9. [quote comment=”6126″]OH… My….$(@^$.

    I am speechless, this kid can do everything!! We need Olympic Parkour :D[/quote]

    I think there might be small competitions or events, but its kinda lame. Isn’t Parkour about getting from point A to B as fast or easy as possible. It would be cool if there were obstacle course race things. Big walls, jumps, and other things that make a person racing use various parkour moves to get through as fast as he can.

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