GamerSushi Asks: True Gaming Confessions

confessionIn my life, there are lots of things that I’m not proud of. First, I’m a girl when it comes to horror movies. Or horror anything, really. I’m easily frightened, jumpy, and pretty much a big sissy when you break it all down. True story: when I think something scary is going to happen in the middle of a movie, I literally cower done in my seat and stick one finger in one ear, thus hopefully blocking out some of the inevitable noise whenever the scary thing pops out. Yes, it’s as pathetic as it sounds.

See? Lots of things that I’m not keen to admit to people, much less all of the Internet, but what the heck. The funny thing is, since gaming is such a big part of our lives, I’m sure that we all have things like that when it comes to gaming. Things that we don’t necessarily talk about or that we hide from other people for fear of public humiliation and rejection.

So, here are some questions that hopefully pull some gaming confessions out of you dudes. Answer with as much or little as you want.

1. Have you ever blown off an important obligation (date, family event, etc) for a video game?

2. What’s the worst gaming rage you’ve ever experienced? Ever broken something while mad about a video game?

3. Ever cheated in a multiplayer game, whether it was screen-peaking, glitching, or something else? LAN or playing with your friends counts, too.

4. Have you pretended that you’ve played (or beaten) a game that you never did?

5. At any point, did you “borrow” a game from a friend for an unnecessarily long time?

6. Have you ever attempted to hide a game that you’re playing?

7. What game has made you whine or gripe the most?

Go on, confess your hearts out.

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22 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: True Gaming Confessions”

  1. Figured I’d answer my own questions.

    1. Yes. I’ve definitely blown off class to play video games, but never anything more important than that. I’ve turned down quite a few social events in my time to keep playing Counter-Strike.

    2. The worst rage is probably during Halo 2. That game used to drive me to swear like a sailor and go ballistic. Also, old Sega Genesis games would make me slam my controller on the ground in a major freak-out session.

    3. Oh, I used to screen peak like a mother back in the days of Goldeneye. I’ve also ghosted during Counter-Strike Source and used glitches during Halo 2. Pulling the flag through the wall in Zanzibar was one of my favorite things to do. That’s about the extent of it.

    4. I used to pretend like I had beaten FF VIII when really I had only seen some of the ending and hadn’t made it past the first disc. I also used to pretend like I had played Super Mario World when truthfully, I have never touched it for longer than 10 or 15 minutes on a display at Target.

    5. Nah, not really. I’ve accidentally sold a used game of a friends though. Whoops.

    6. My mom used to have this thing about magic, so I tried to hide RPGs from her when I first started playing them. Also, my friends and I used the blood code on Mortal Kombat (ABACABB) and hid that game from his parents.

    7. Halo 2 would be at the top of this one. I used to fuss at teammates and just whine all throughout matches. Halo Wars is quickly taking this game’s place.

  2. 1. Yep. I have blown off school and work to play the occasional game. I have also done the opposite. Recently, WoW has become tedious, and I have lied and said I had to work so I didn’t have to raid, lol.

    2.I honestly can’t recall the game, but I was playing something on my Gamecube in highschool and got frustrated. I threw my controller against the wall, breaking the controller and cracking the wall. Also it pulled the Gamecube off of the shelf I had it on, breaking the system irreparably. That was fun to explain to my parents.

    3. At every opportunity. The only thing I won’t do to gain an advantage is hack. One time, we were playing Timesplitters: FP and I slapped the controller out of my friends hand before he could snipe me. (I was watching his screen.)

    4.Yeah…Can’t think of any specific examples right now, but I’ve done it just so I could have something to talk about.

    5. I still have a friend of mines copy of Tales of Symphonia that I borrowed like 3 years ago.

    6. Yeah, I didn’t want anyone to know that I played Nintendogs for a long time. Then my DS barked in my pocket one day.

    7. I bitch about World of Warcraft all the time. Still trying to quit, lol.

  3. Whine or gripe? Ugh, how much time do you have, father? Lol. Well I’ve never the 1st one, but I’d imagine I will sometime.
    2. Mario Kart Wii is the most recent one. Seriously, my sisters could do 150cc, I couldn’t. Always just in the lead rank, then Luigi comes in with a Bullet Bill on th final stretch.
    3. Screen-peeking is an art. You need to know the map well and be able to semi-concentrate on 2-4 screens, lol. I hate glitching though. COD5 is ruined for that.
    4. No.
    5. No, but vice vursa.
    6. If you mean like I’m meant to do homework but RE5 is too much fun? Yes. Ifyou mean are you playin Leasure Suit Larry and don’t want anyone to know? No.
    7. *Sigh* Every game at one point. I alwys find something wrong with a game. I’m not proud of it.

  4. 1) Not that I remember, I dont think I have ever really missed anything important, apart from a lot of coursework the night that GTA4 came out…

    2) James Bond: Nightfire, not a massive rage, but I don’t normally get angry with games, anyway, I simply tried to break my controller then threw it to the ground with an angry face! 🙂

    3) I shall admit, I am a screen peaker when it suits me, especially at parties when we will all be sat down playing call of duty 🙂

    4) I supposedly beat “enter the matrix” on the playstation 2, when in all honesty I got stuck on a part in the airport 🙂

    5) Driv3r, I actually had a reason, the other kid lost my “star wars bounty hunter” game, which in all honesty, wasnt that bad really 🙂

    6) The only game I have ever hidden was “Wallace and Gromit: project zoo” which was based of a kid’s TV show over here in the UK.

    7) The game that made me get ridiculously annoyed was GTA: vice city, the game was amazing, but my friend had told me about a fictional “other” island that could only be reached by jumping over Cortez’s Mansion, I wasted about six weeks of my life trying to find it…

  5. 1. I’d like to say no, but I’d be lying. Yes, I have blown off a few events for video games.

    2. I’ve never broken anything, but I did go on a four-month long strike of KOTOR II because for the life of my I just couldn’t beat those three floating lightsabers at the end of the game.

    3. Glitching, no, but screenlooking I’m guilty of from time to time. It’s right there – what am I supposed to do, not look?

    4. Yeah… I never actually beat Halo, but I’ve started working on that with minimal progress…it’s just not too engaging to me.

    5. Actually, no. I don’t borrow games very often ’cause I mostly play on the PC.

    6. Not really, no. It’s always been more of a don’t- ask-don’t-tell relationship with me.

    7. I whine about teammates sometimes in L4D. It’s just so easy to blame other people for your mistakes.

  6. 1. To be honest, no. I already have an ungodly amount of free time to do just that.

    2.TimeSplitters 2. Trying to get platinum medals on some of the Challenge mode sets will have you on the verge of taking a bat to your TV. Alternatively, Halo 3. Yes, I tend to bitch to myself when i’m playing that, I turn off my mic when I do so, fortunately. =\

    3. All the time, because we don’t really play seriously. In fact, we have an inside joke about one of my friends who liked to screen-peek.

    4. Nope. Like when all my friends were talking about Fallout 3, I couldn’t even BEGIN to know what I was talking about.

    5. The aforementioned TimeSplitters 2. My friend doesn’t have a GCN anymore so he tells me to keep it for now…i’m not sure what “for now” means, considering i’ve had it for years and years now…

    6. Hm…not that I remember, to be honest. I mean, my dad got me Conker’s Bad Fur Day when I was 10 years old, so obviously my parents didn’t mind me dealing with mature content (my dad knew I was mature enough to handle it) and me and my friends have been Nintendo fans for most of our lives, so there’s nothing to hide, really.

    7. Halo 3. Don’t get me started, please.

  7. 1.Oh yeah. A couple times 0.o I hate going to after school schools, when you can have such great time gaming.

    2.I remember busting a door or something lol but I mostly cry and whine about it.

    3. Never. In a multiplayer. But in single player, a couple times. Like I went to the net to see some cheat codes on games. But I have never cheated on multiplayer, and not planning to in the future.

    4.Ya, I havn’t had my first console until… what, 9 yrs old? but I knew what the game story was so I lied a lot…

    5.Ya, I borrowed a game from a friend, but at the same time I lended him of mine. So we were cool.
    I even finnished the game for him lol

    6.Hate to say it but, yes. I actually wait for my parents to leave the house before playing any FPSs. Just in case they might say “You playing that shoot shoot game!? Give me 20 push-ups!” or some other dino fudge.

    7.Mario Kart DD. lol I hated the bots.

    Ahh, That relieved my soul a bit.
    Thank GS!

  8. 1. Nothing more than the occasional class or day of work.

    2. Street Fighter II Turbo caused the violent death of at least a half-dozen SNES controllers at my house as a result of the collective rage of myself and my friends.

    3. Screen-peeking was almost impossible to avoid in Goldeneye. At least, that how I justified it to myself 😉

    4. Super Metroid, A Link to the Past, and Final Fantasy II/IV. I’ve beaten the first several times since, but I’ve still never gone back and finished off the other two.

    5. Nope.

    6. My cousin and I tried to hide the fact that we were playing The 7th Guest from my aunt one summer, but she caught us working on a puzzle consisting of an upside-down pentagram and a number of bloody knives. Never seen a disc broken into that many pieces before or since.

    7. Probably Killer Instinct. With any fighter, there are endless opportunities to whine about the cheap tactics of your opponent, but that game always seemed to bring out the worst.

  9. 1.Not really something important, but I used to tell my girlfriend in college I was going to bed and then stay up 3 more hours and play games.

    2. My friend once unplugged the game by accident and we had gotten really far on Jurassic Park 2: Operation Chaos and I kicked a box across the room.
    Now, I just curse a lot.

    3. Screen peak, but that is it.

    4. No, I honestly have not. I don’t care what other people think, so it never occured to me.

    5. I worked at a video store in high school and “rented” Final Fantasy Tactics for a month or so.

    6. No, never have.

    7. Addams Family for the SNES. I literally stopped and went to church just because I was getting in such a bad mood.

  10. 1. I remember elementary school I woke up early so I popped in Paper Mario, I was so close to finishing. I was so close and when I heard the bus drive by my street and footsteps up to my room I literaly had a Ferris Bueller moment and clicked the TV off to make it seem like I wasnt playing and climbed/jumped/flew (I had a bunk bed) into the fake sick position under the covers. I plays all day.

    2. Ive broken my mic unintentionally a few times while play Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty. I used to slam my xbox off but now I laugh at it. I saw a PS1 controller snap in half when my dad was playing Syphon Filter and ever since then Ive always treated my controllers good, no throwing unless its the Wii witch is not intentional.

    3. I used to screen peak but anyone who says they havent is a liar. I glitched a few times on Gears of War, the instant chainsaw run thing was the best… but I never used it for ranked matches just to shutup kids who thought they were tough.

    4. Dead Rising, then someone checked my achievemtns and I took it to the next level and said I beat it on another profile.

    5. Right now Im borrowing Lord of the Rings Conquest, but I had Crackdown for atleast a couple years.

    6. Only a couple times, whenever Im saving for something then a game catches my eye my dad will try to convince me not to get it but I will anyway and have to play secretly for a bit.

    7. Halo has driven me crazy but Gears of War has made me curse more then any game I think. I put so many hours into it playing online that I imagine Ive gotten into hundreds of fights with 12 year olds who think they are gangsta. Im not exactly proud of that, but if not Gears then probably Madden… sometimes it just doesnt want you to win.

  11. 1) Oddly enough, I don’t think I have. I remember ditching a block party to play CS back in my youth, but that was about the extent of it.

    2) Halo 3 on Legendary, trying to get up the ziggurat on Halo. I had to do it by myself, and the game refused to give me a checkpoint until I had actually opened the door. There is a nice fist sized hole in my basement door because of that.

    3) I private CS matches, I would sometimes use wall hacks and stuff. I screen look all the time too. I can’t help it, even in a LAN party!

    4) No, I’ve been pretty up front about my gaming experience. I’ve never played any Final Fantasy (ever), so if I tried to bluff my way out of it, I’m pretty sure I would be caught.

    5) Yep, right now. I’ve had my friends Wii and Twilight Princess for about three months. I just haven’t had the time to play it.

    6) Only Pokemon, and only when I was above the age of 18 and taking a flight somewhere.

    7) God, I don’t know. Playing StarCraft or any RTS against my huge RTS loving friend is a test of my will though. Counter-Strike would probably come the closest out of anything, though.

  12. 1) um does bed time count??

    2) besides saying ill never play again not much but my brother once broke his finger hitting me after I beat him at a game.

    3) yeah I have screen peaked on a few halo matches against my friends.

    4) not really.

    5) I never really borrow any game I just paguk it (to barrow without the intent of return, it is an Alutiiq word that has made it way into English conversation).

    6) all the time from my younger brother. I think my reasons are self explanatory.

    7)Tyrian, I love and hat that game!

  13. @Sinister:
    My best friend and I are nuts about Timesplitters, we played TS:FP for something like 38 hours straight getting all the medals in the challenges. So, I definitely sympathize with you, lol.

  14. 1. No, but I’ve taken the day off from school to be “sick”.

    2. I get pretty pissed, but I haven’t broken anything…yet. Anyway, as for getting raped, I don’t really have one WORST rape. Basically I either do really well or I do really horribly. In CoD, I’ll lose because either my team sucks, I’m off my game that day, or everyone is using M16’s and RPD’s. In Halo 3, I’ll lose because the enemy has cohesion, my “allies” teamkill and fight on their own, and I’m the only one who is trying to win. That’s why I hate Halo. Because the people are assholes. Actually, recently I was playing Team Slayer on Assembly and I was raping and doing all the work. By the time the enemy team had left all but one player, my teammates thought it cute to betray me and continue to kill me with the Grav Hammer I had and help the enemy get some kills. FUCKING HALO!! So that’s why whenever I hear someone say “Halo 3 has awesome multiplayer,” I laugh at them and say, “Ironically, you have no idea.”


    3. Well I don’t cheat online, but with friends – yeah, I’ll occasionally screen-look. But sometimes I’ll accidently find myself glancing at their screen. Maybe it’s just a reflex, I don’t know.

    4. Oh hell yeah. I can’t keep track of the number of times I’ve done this. Thing is, everyone else that I discuss games with lies three times more than I do, so usually be like, “Uh-huh, uh-huh. Oh, rank 55 in two days, huh? Yeah, no.”

    5. No, I don’t really borrow games. I did lend out a game once, and it only when my friend was about to move to Michigan did he give me back the game. But I didn’t mind. It was Paper Mario Thousand Year Door. Then again, I’m glad I got it back because I had a craving to play it recently.

    6. …No…

    7. Three words. WORLD. AT. WAR. Actually, any multiplayer game. I will find ridiculous reasons to whine about a game, and most of the time I don’t even realize it.

    But come on! They’re using M16’s and RPD’s and PPSh’s and MP40’s! Actually I don’t find MP40’s noob weapons as much as an M16A4 or something, but the fact that EVERYONE uses them is just…weird. I mean, I barely used it. It was the last SMG I got the extended clip for, and I was forcing myself to use it instead of the Type 100 (which was my first SMG I got extended clip for).

  15. I’m the exact same way with horror movies, cower in the seat, finger in the ear, and look to the bottom of the screen, the whole 9 yards.
    1. Have you ever blown off an important obligation (date, family event, etc) for a video game?
    Nope, I’ve been rushed because of videogames, but never blown anything off.
    2. What’s the worst gaming rage you’ve ever experienced? Ever broken something while mad about a video game?
    Madden 09. I lost the Super Bowl on like, Uber-Madden, I chucked my controller repeatedly. Shared the hell out of my cats got my 360 taken away for a solid week. Along with internet connection.
    3. Ever cheated in a multiplayer game, whether it was screen-peaking, glitching, or something else? LAN or playing with your friends counts, too.
    Yep, I screen-peek all the time.
    4. Have you pretended that you’ve played (or beaten) a game that you never did?
    Yep, practically any Metal Gear Solid game. (Though I have watched narrated playthroughs, does that count?)
    5. At any point, did you “borrow” a game from a friend for an unnecessarily long time?
    6. Have you ever attempted to hide a game that you’re playing?
    7. What game has made you whine or gripe the most?
    Either Silent Hunter 4 or Mirrors Edge time trials.

  16. 1. Yup, skipped School in Middle School to play UO. Worst I have ever done.

    2. Dude…Ace Combat 6, Agion mission. 12 I think. @*#& THAT MISSION!!!!!!!!!! I didnt break anything, but I was so mad.

    3. Duh, screen looking at friends while playing Halo 2 in a church. Was awesome!

    4. Nope, why? Thats gay

    5. I stole Halo from a friend….<.< And I never returned his SNES. Wow. I am a duchebag XD

    6. Yes, my mom took away my GTA 3 and Vice games. I had to hide them as best I could while the whole “Killing hookers” bit was all over the news.

    7. Probably one of the Halo games and then BattleStations Midway. Sometimes it can be very frustrating when you loose, but you cant pin down WHY!

  17. 1. Talking to a girl that I could’ve had something with on msn… they sure can talk.. a lot… if that counts….

    2. Tf2 during goldrush, I was on defending team and no one was engie o-o… I tried to be the defender but then the pyros never defended me…. I rage quit in the end.

    3. It’s impossible not to screen-peek during split screen, especially on Call of duty 4 :\

    4. No >_> the only game i’ve ever beaten was CoD4, CoD5, and the tutorial campaign on Empire: Total War.

    5. I still have my friend’s UT3… doh! and he just visited me an hour ago.

    6. From my parents, sure. No perv games, i swear.

    7. CoD4… spawn camping was/is such a tedious thing… and when the others say, ‘Cry about it’… well they never shut me up after that.

  18. 1. Just really played sick shit to play wow or pokemon. But i dont do that anymore cause im in my senior years.
    2. Im not sure about that as i usually turn of a game when i start getting mad at it for being a dick.
    3. In TS2 and Goldeneye with my friends.
    4. Nope
    5. My cousin has let me borrow all his n64 games as he has given up on gaming (until the next Xbox comes out) and has still let me keep them. Even though i have insisted he take them back he wont.
    6. When we got our 360 and had bioshock with its extreme moral choice thing.
    7. All fighting games ever made ever. When i wanted to do some awesome fire tornado or something i could never pull off the button mashing when my bro does it with ease and he has to show me 30 times how to do it. Except the simple fighting games like Naruto and Street fighter.

  19. 1. never anything that big but i have blown off allot of homework assignments for COD4.
    2.I would have to say on the two recent COD’s on veteran difficulty. i almost twisted my 360 controller in half after being killed 50 times.
    3.yes, nothing to advanced.
    4. I think
    5.yes, but he had one of my games to.
    7.COD WAW on veteran difficulty

  20. 1. Nothing too important, but I have skipped school plenty of times to play a new game whenever I get one.

    2. I broke my share of PS2 controllers. I think about 6 actually. Then I switched over to the 360 when it came out. I haven’t seriously damaged any controllers in the two years I’ve had it, but RB doesn’t work too well on one and the battery packs don’t like to stay on a couple of them. Luckily I have never broken a mouse or keyboard. I tend not to get as upset with PC games.

    3. I can honestly say I have NEVER cheated online. I used to screen-peak every now and then while playing with friends, but don’t anymore. I have one friend that is absolutely retarded and will wave his hands in front of the screen or push buttons on your controller while you’re pitching or sniping or something. As you could expect, he isn’t the best in FPS. Though he does have amazing luck in Mario Kart 64.

    4. Not that I can remember…

    5. Actually yes, GTA Vice City. I don’t know if my buddy knows I still have it or not, but he seems to have forgot about it.

    6. Not really. I don’t have any shameful games. I have plenty of mature titles so there’s no reason to hide any of them.

    7. Probably Halo 2 and 3. Or Rock Band 2. That’s only because the guitar I bought sucks teh big one1!!1 Seriously I bought the Fender Stratocaster when I bought RB2. Two weeks later the yellow button decides to only work when it feels like it 🙁

  21. 1) I would sometimes pretend to need to go to the bathroom and then just play ds.

    2) I mostly just yell at my tv at how retarded it is. I even freaked out at how hard new super mario bros was. =D

    3) Screen-peaked a bunch of times. But who has never done that?

    4) No, when I start a game I play it till the end.

    5) No

    6) No

    7) Everygame that makes me repeat a certain part of a map over and over again.

  22. My older brother just threw me against a wall because I wouldn’t tell him where my parents hid his halo 3 game. I’m a seventh grade girl, he is a freshman, a freshman who is obviously a fucking asshole.

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