Ridiculously Awful Video Game Commercials

Wow. Gaming commercials used to be awful. And not just regular awful. But a special, superior awful reserved only for the most atrocious of media follies. Here is a video with the best of the worst old school video game commercials. It’s hard to believe that anyone used to buy these games after these advertisements. Za za za Zelda!

So, which one is your favorite? Mine would have to be the Pole Position one. Anything that says it will leave skidmarks on my soul is something that I will keep in my heart forever.

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7 thoughts on “Ridiculously Awful Video Game Commercials”

  1. The Zelda ad made me LOL so much. It’s somehow random and irrelevant when someone’s rapping about a Zelda game. It’s really amazing how throughout time video game ads would go from cheesy to epic or awesome. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  2. Wow, thing has changed a lot… Wonder how it will from now.

    It really looks awful too me now, like the pole position, lol wtf. But I guess I would have been excited over these in that period.

  3. Oh. My. God. That was AWFUL. I mean WORSE than now. And they are bad. Well boring bad rather than BAD bad.

  4. so that pole position was actually kinda awsome :), i was just thinking about this to like 10 minutes before i got onto this site cause i remember how much the halo 2 tv spot blew my mind, and then gow mad world rapped me. it happend, it hurt, but it was just so amazing.

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