End of Eternity Trailer Has Bullets and Style

End of Eternity, a game I’ve never heard of but am now insanely interested in, is a new RPG that is in development from Tri-Ace and Sega, set to release on the XBox360 and PS3. The new trailer shows off some stunning cinematics, complete with high-flying dudes with guns blazing, and a really incredible art style to the whole thing.

Is anyone else interested in this game after the trailer?

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6 thoughts on “End of Eternity Trailer Has Bullets and Style”

  1. Wow. Looks like Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy and Bioshock had sex and a baby came out with their art style!

    Awesome graphics, though. I want to see gameplay footage.

    That one girl has giant man-hands!

  2. Have to say that the trailer was pretty interesting but it would need a good story and anything other than turnbased combat.
    I dont like waiting for minute for every attack.

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