Top 10 PC Developers?

starcraftEven though I don’t do too much PC gaming these days, some of my favorite titles of all time have been played via keyboard and a mouse. Warcraft III, The Sims, Counter-Strike: Source, Battlefield 2 and many other games easily top the list of great titles, and I never would have had them without my trusty PC. Well what about the folks that made those games?

ZTGD has put together a list of the top 10 PC game developers of all time, and while the list isn’t all that surprising, it really is cool to go back and reminisce on gaming days of old. These developers really have brought a lot to gaming, particularly folks like Valve, Blizzard and Id.

So who made the number one? Go check it out and see. Also, who is your favorite PC game developer of all time? Do you agree/disagree with this list?

Source- ZTGD

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 PC Developers?”

  1. I would dispute the top 2. Valve would be first on my list because, well, they brought realistic physics into being. They created the orange box. And they made steam, which, while it sucked early on, is now threatening to run brick & mortar stores out of business. And Blizzard? They made starcraft, diablo, and warcraft, which is great and all, but they also made WoW, which I think takes about as much out of the PC gaming industry as those first games put in. But I’ve learned to put up with slightly flawed lists by now.

  2. The list is identical to what mine would have been, just all out of order. I’d have Valve first, Bioware second, and Blizzard third. Oh, and Maxis would be around tenth. You just can’t beat how much Valve actually cares for it’s customers, which is a polar opposite of Blizzard (If you’ve played WoW recently, you know what I mean). As far as lists go, this one is pretty good, though.

  3. [quote comment=”5999″]
    but they also made WoW, which I think takes about as much out of the PC gaming industry as those first games put in.

    can you explain that? i’m not a fan of WoW either but how has it taken out of the industry?

  4. [quote comment=”6007″]and im yet to figure out the how to not include my own message in the quote :P[/quote]
    you don’t delete the words in brackets ex: [qoute comment=6007] and [quote] and you write your text after the [qoute]. but yeah I would have put valve first.
    PS I misspelled quot so that it would not but my words in quotes.

  5. oops i did not misspell the first bracket with quote spelled in it so it thought I was quoting someone but I hope you get my point.

  6. pre-look prediction: It will either be Valve or Blizzard (I mean come on SC2 image)

    Post-look: I was pretty close but I would have put Valve at first for two reasons. Steam has a much greater impact than , and I use both, and the Orange Box was the greatest value in history.

  7. [quote comment=”6068″]I think WoW’s success is enough to put Blizzard on top.[/quote]

    Thats what I thought it was going to be (reason wise, that is)… Personally would put Vlave on top for thier great support system, unlike Blizz, which doesnt seem to have it (aka WoW-wise)

  8. If we’re going with “PC developers with the best strategy to squeeze as much money from their customers as humanly possible”, then yeah, I’d say Blizzard too. But as for quality of their company(from a consumers point of view), I’d still go with Valve.

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