GamerSushi Asks: Gaming Easter Eggs?

easterHappy Easter, dudes. I know I’m a day late, but hey, it’s all good. While I didn’t have a long weekend due to days off and holidays, I know that some of you probably did, so I hope you got in lots of good gaming time while you could.

When thinking about the Easter season and gaming, I naturally thought about those oh-so-awesome gaming easter eggs that are sprinkled throughout our favorite titles. I’m a big fan of easter eggs, and I love replaying some of my favorites to go through and find those hidden gems that are put there by developers.

I’d have to say some of my favorite easter eggs are found in the Halo series, as there are dozens of them. I think the coolest one would have to be the uber fuel rod cannon found in Halo 2’s first level. Also, I think the alternate way of killing The End in MGS3 (by turning your PS2’s clock forward) is hilarious.

So what about you guys? What are your favorite gaming easter eggs?

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  1. The Chris Houlihan room in A Link to the Past and Cloud in Final Fantasy Tactics. Back then, it was still cool to see Cloud in places like that.

  2. The Simpsons Road Rage was one of my first PS2 games… I got it for Christmas and when I put it in and started playing I noticed Apu in a Santa suit as a character… anyway, I played with him all day then when I went on the next day as mysteriously as he came, he was gone. Turns out you could just change the date of your ps3 to December 25th to play as him again but I respected him to much to cheat the system. Every holiday had a character but for 2 or 3 Christmases after that I popped in Simpsons Road Rage for a quick drive with my buddy Apu. Oh and I found almost every Easter Egg in Ratchet and Clank, those were cool too.

  3. I like the easter egg in GTA4 where you go inside the statue of liberty and find a beating heart

  4. The only one I can remember right off the top of my head is Samus’s appearance in Super Mario RPG. She’s resting in a bed, claiming that she’s preparing to fight Mother Brain.

  5. My favorite easter egg would have to be M’aiq the liar in Morrowind. He was a khajiit who you could talk to about random stuff like multiplayer and weresharks.

  6. The Halo Series had some cool and hilarious Easter eggs.
    I also thought the Ray Gun in CoD:WaW on the mission “Little Resistance” was cute.

  7. [quote comment=”5947″]My favorite easter egg would have to be M’aiq the liar in Morrowind. He was a khajiit who you could talk to about random stuff like multiplayer and weresharks.[/quote]

    He is in Oblivion too. Oblivion had some great easter eggs as well.

    Halo 3 has some fun ones too I think.

  8. Oh man I forgot about Cloud in FF Tactics! That was a really good one.

    Also, the Rooster Teeth guys in Halo 3 were pretty awesome.

  9. the giant pink bunny on saints row 2 is a favourite of mine. When i saw it i was life WTFGIANTPINKBUNNYWTF. Fantsastic to add something like that to a game.

  10. My favorite easter egg would have to be in tyrian, in December all your guns would shoot candy canes and stuff. next would be the scene with duke nukem in cosmo’s cosmic adventure’s.

  11. M’aiq in Oblivion was funny. Kajiit FTW. I liked the ones in Hitman: Blood Money, like the mice playing poker, the FBI agents doing a mexican wave and in the wedding mission where you shot a small white dot and some people came over clapping in nothing but boxer shorts! Oh, and also the Simpsons reference in the papers where the month was ‘Smarch.’

  12. Mine would be the ones in AoE:Rise of rome (a classic which im playing till my head pops off)

    If you enter “Big Daddy” in the chat, you will get a powerful car with a missile in the middle of the stone age!

  13. my favorite easter egg was the second ratchet and clank game ( i think it was the second…) where if you stepped on this hidden teleporter pad at a certain time of day then it took you too a museum that displays all the stuff that was left out of the game letting you try out new vehicles, fight half finished enemies and hear developers commentary on the whole thing.

  14. My fave easter eggs are in Hitman Blood Money, Like the mice playing poker, or the FBI agents doing a mexican wave or in the wedding mission where you shot a small white dot and some people came over clapping in their boxer shorts. Among others, of course.

  15. As Eddy said the Red Vs Blue in Halo 3. As a big RvB fan it was so awesome! I loved how it changed for each difficulty.

  16. It doesn’t change with each difficulty–I could play that level on Normal several times and get each of the conversations.

  17. Oh, I forgot to mention any easter eggs.

    How about the HEV Faceplate in Half-Life 2, found in Eli’s Junkyard? I thought that was cool. You can also find one in HL2: Episode Two.

  18. One of my new favorites is the “Lost” one in Ep 2 of half life. Never knew of it or though to look where it was until I saw a video of it today.

  19. How about in GTA3, where you can jump from a helipad through a window, and there is literally an Egg on a pedestal with “Happy Easter” written on it; Or jumping onto a vehicle and over a wall on one of the islands, only to a find a big sign reading “You’re not supposed to be able to get here”.

    Clever stuff…

  20. Star wars Republic Commando you find a light saber in a vent and your character says “A more elegant weapon for a more civilized age, well guess what times have changed”.

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