Today’s WTF: Shadow of the Colossus Movie

sotcNo. Please, no. It appears that a Shadow of the Colossus movie is in the works. While many might find the idea of such a great and epic video game being put into a big screen format enticing, I find it simply repulsive, for a number of reasons.

Beyond the fact that the game is one of the most powerful studies of death I’ve ever seen, the people involved with this project don’t exactly scream cinema quality to me. Ready for this? The producer is also behind such great flicks as The Scorpion King. Heck, they even went top dollar and hired the writer for the new Chun-Li Street Fighter movie.

While part of me is sick to my stomach to even think about a bad film version of this, I can’t help but get angry at the people in the video game industry that keep cheapening their unique intellectual properties for a quick buck. I mean, really? This is the depth you’ll sink to for more money on your brand?

What do you guys think? Is this an epic fail or am I just being dumb? Go.

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19 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Shadow of the Colossus Movie”

  1. it could be an epic success but it most likely will be a piece of SH*T cause of the producer and the writer i really hope they change their mind but even still we gotta pray for this man, this is one of the BEST PS2 games in history

  2. Um…wasn’t the game cinematic enough? I mean the graphics were incredible, the scope was massive, and IT WAS INTERACTIVE. That’s what made SotC’s environment so awesome and its battles so epic! Even if you condense the story into 2 hours or what have you, there are 16 major battles you need to recreate, not to mention story and those cutscenes between boss battles, and ultimately the scope, feel, and powerfulness of the story would fade away into nothing more than a slap in the face of SotC fans, who are the target audience for that matter.

    So basically, it’d just be speed-run through SotC.

  3. If you remember a while back, I said something similar to the Wheel of Time books being made into movies and whatnot, so I know where you’re coming from. But I have also learned from my nerd-raging that you may as well hope for the best because…’s gonna happen. I never player SotC myself (Was a Nintendo fanboy back then), but I’ve heard enough people rave about it to know that if it turns out crappy, then it’ll piss off a lot of fans.

    Heres hoping for the best!:P

  4. Despite the fact that I’ve never played this game, I’ve heard that it’s really light on dialogue, and instead relies mostly on imagery. So, I guess it could be a new-age philosophy movie where nobody talks. But unless that’s the case, it probably won’t work. And if it is, it must be filmed in noir.

  5. I have said this before, in fact, I said it to Bit when the Wheel of Time stuff was going on…just hope for the best.

    Even if it sucks, the game will still be great. If the movie does poorly, nothing really changes. But on the off chance it succeeds, imagine how happy you will be.

    I am an optimist when it comes to the arts.

  6. [quote comment=”5797″]I have said this before, in fact, I said it to Bit when the Wheel of Time stuff was going on…just hope for the best.

    Even if it sucks, the game will still be great. If the movie does poorly, nothing really changes. But on the off chance it succeeds, imagine how happy you will be.

    I am an optimist when it comes to the arts.[/quote]


  7. Well yeah, it doesn’t make the game any worse, it just stinks that if there’s a SotC movie, it’s getting made by these people. Protect your property!

  8. Eddy,

    I agree with you there. It’s clear these morons will likely screw this up. If someone is going to make a movie, they should try to sell the rights to someone with half a brain.

  9. If this had only been posted a few days earlier I would have laughed and screamed april fools. But now I have to see a great game get butchered as a movie 🙁

  10. I’m not too bothered about a movie being made. As Anthony said, it’ll not make the game any worse so why the long faces? Think about it though: If the movie is popular enough then maybe there will be a sequel. I know team Ico (or whoever they are) are working on a game but I don’t know if its as definite as shadow of the colossus 2.

  11. the main problem i have with it is that the movie will be seen by many more people than have played the game, so if it sucks then people will use the movie to form an opinion about the game.

    and it will suck, SOTC is not the sort of thing that will translate into another medium well, unless they plan to make 17 movies each with only 20 minutes of action, the remainder of the time being spent riding through the desolate landscape and watching the wanderer ponder the meaning of his actions.

  12. it could be pretty good but the writer for streetfighter is the dumbest choice possible. there’s still hope. mabye they’ll come to their senses and fire him. probably not though.

  13. This is the kind of game-movie that I would only let the producer/director of the Lord Of The Rings franchise/movies touch. And not even only him. Probably whoever’s running the Harry Potter train. SoTC has the potential to be a great movie, but it’s not for American culture. It reminds me of a Korean movie called “Spring,Summer,Fall,Winter,Spring”. I think that’s how the SoTC movie should be. If there’s any talking involved in this movie WHATSOEVER, I am going to cry.

  14. Yeah actually, no american producers/directors should handle this movie. It should be made in the Eastern world, in Asia, and should be subbed or whatever and brought here. American producers, I’m sorry to say, don’t seem capable of handling something as simplistic yet powerful as SoTC’s story/theme. And I feel like the fight scenes are going to be the main focus of the movie, which is going to make it suck, if we’re going to have to watch 17 fight scenes over and over for a whole movie.

  15. As a matter of fact, sorry for the taboo triple post, but let me just get this out of my system and out of the way: no American producer/director to date should ever, EVER touch a video game movie. I think Asian countries could pull them off, but not American producers. Sorry.

  16. FNHeart, I do not agree,lol.

    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within?

    Metal Gear Solid is practically a movie and its a mess!

    Lord of the Rings was well made, I think.

    As for the Street Fighter writer…I mean, the movie sucked, but how the hell is anyone supposed to make that crap good?

    See, they always make the WRONG games into movies. Here, with a deep story and a meaningful plot, maybe the writer can wring something great out of it.

  17. Not to play the race card, but to say that an Asian filmmaker can pull off a certain kind of movie, whereas an American company couldn’t is just stereotypical and untrue. The fact is is that:
    1. Like Anthony said, the wrong games get made into moves and
    2. The particular directors/producers/actors that have done or are willing to do a movie based on a video game don’t have a freakin clue.

  18. Single-handedly the greatest game I have ever played. Ever. EVER. I mean I’ve never seen a game so completely enthralling and immersive and captivating as SOTC. There’s nothing like it. There will never be anything like it. That is simply a perfect game. I have nothing bad to say about it at all. And let’s just look at past VG to Movies. Oh we don’t need to? That’s what I thought.

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