Star Wars: The Old Republic Timeline Trailer

Wow. Everytime I start to forget about the KOTOR MMO (or as it’s supposed to be known, The Old Republic), Bioware dishes out some kind of tease that keeps me coming back for more. Try as I might to avoid this game, I think it will inevitably grip me with a sarlacc pit fierceness.

The newest trailer features the voice of Lance Henrisken (Bishop from Aliens, duh) as the keeper of the Jedi archives. He narrates The Old Republic timeline that leads up to the MMO, and I have to say that it is both epic and enticing. Man, I can’t wait for this game.

It’s also neat to hear that the game will be taking place after the first two KOTOR games. For some reason, I thought it was a prequel. Silly me. Anywho, just watch it.

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4 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Old Republic Timeline Trailer”

  1. (warning, I’m going to be dropping some Star Wars cred in this post. Just a head up. 😉

    Kandosii! Man, this game has me pumped. I was reading today the process of designing the Bounty Hunter on the TOR blog, and it was really interesting. Sadly enough, you didn’t seem to be able to claim a Mandalorian heritage, but that might be in offering in the future.

    This game just rings all my Star Wars bells. They even included the ludicrously evil looking Sith Lord. Jedi relocate to Tython, we get to go to Nal Hutta… I wonder if the Sith world of Ziost will be a location?

    I could keep going on about how much I love the direction this game is taking, but that would be the most disjointed post ever. Suffice to say, I’m really excited.

    (Just a funny thing I noticed about the video… They interspersed Aurebesh lettering throughout the trailer, but ended in English. I feel like a huge nerd for caring even a little about that, lol)

  2. The map at the end of that vid makes me think a lot about that game. I dont know any real details about it, but from the looks of that it makes me think that there will defiantly be power struggles for planets between Sith and Jedi. I bet they make it so there will be battles and such for control of the planets, each side can keep winning or loosing, moving forward or back. I dunno if thats been confirmed but thats what I see with that map.

    Sad thing about that is, it may end up like endwar did, with places being complete stalemates, some always loosing to one side, or the worst, sides keep winning so badly the other has no choice. I can see the Jedi always winning, and the Sith side loosing.

  3. I just giggled like a schoolgirl and my friends still laughing at me while I’m typing. I’ve been trying to quit WoW for a couple weeks now (Keep getting drawn back, damn friends), I think I may have an excuse when this game comes out! I WANT IT! NOW!

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