A Tale of Two Liberty Cities

liberty-cityIf you’re unaware, GTA: Chinatown Wars was just released recently on the Nintendo DS, and from what I hear, the game is actually pretty good. It returns to the top down view of the old school GTA games, but brings the thieving and action to the small dual screens of the Nintendo handheld.

The game takes place in the same Liberty City that GTA IV takes place in, and I have to say, it seems that Rockstar has done a great job re-creating the living breathing world that we saw in the next gen version. Even though I’m not crazy about GTA IV, the city is probably my favorite piece of the game. GamesRadar has put some side-by-side comparisons of Chinatown Wars and GTA IV up for gamers to check out, and it’s pretty breathtaking.

So what about you guys? Anybody interested in Chinatown Wars? I might actually pick it up now.

Source- GamesRadar

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