Would You Pay For A Console MMO?

wow-360While you can’t fault a company for trying to make money (that is their purpose after all), I’m a tad miffed at hearing of the constant nickel-and-diming that is starting to pop up in the video games industry. I am all about paying for great content that is worth the money, but when I hear about EA having map packs and weapons for sale less than two weeks after Godfather II’s release, I’m annoyed.

The same goes with hearing the latest rumor that Microsoft is working really hard to nail down a pricing structure for an XBox 360 MMO at some point in the future. While this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, it’s just a shame to hear about a service that already charges money for ongoing online costs expecting to get more money for an individual game. While lots of people pay for MMO’s on the PC, this just isn’t something we’ve seen yet on a console.

So what do you guys think? Would you pay money to play an MMO on your console? And for 360 owners, what’s the alternative? Personally, I might not mind an additional tier to the XBox Live subscription that allowed me to play all MMO’s, but the idea of paying two fees at once still bugs me. Thoughts?

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14 thoughts on “Would You Pay For A Console MMO?”

  1. My friend plays FFXI still and has no problem paying the fee. I think itll vary from person to person but I know I would be reluctant to pay to play Live then pay again for a specific game. Another tier seems like the best choice but I like the simplicity Live is at now and adding more payment methods could be a slippery slope, if they do it for an MMO people may expect other exceptions. Playstation I would understand, Xbox… Ill wait and see.

    My dog just had puppies… just throwing it out there lol

  2. My stance is that you should NEVER have to pay for a game more than once. You buy the game, you should have access to all of it’s features, updates, and capabilities until the sequel.

    My only caveat is, in fact, an MMO. the cost of maintaining a team to make updates and maintain servers is pricey and you should have a way to even you profits and straight-up money down the drain.

    I’m not sure about consoles though…If the game is made by Microsoft (if I read that right), then no, there shouldn’t be a separate pricing structure other than XBL. The servers and infrastructure are already there, why should they get more money for it? If it was 3rd party and I understood more about how it was set up, I might have a different opinion.

  3. Bleh, sorry for the double-post but I’ve got some serious typo-fever in my last post(second paragraph looks like it was written by a Chinese guy), sorry ’bout that.

    Also, congrats on the puppies, 😛

  4. This sounds like a terrible idea. Although MMOs make tons of money from tons of gamers, one on the console would be a disaster. If Microsoft does make an MMO for the xbox, it’ll never beat those on the PC.

  5. What does beating the PC have to do with making lots of money? How about we stop comparing platforms endlessly and stay on the topic…

  6. An MMO… on a console. Well, no, I wouldn’t pay for it. Maybe I’d try it if it were a one-time fee (like almost every other game ever) and the rest was just covered by and XBL subscription, but…that won’t happen. Also, no keyboard. Just putting that out there. Is everybody in the game going to be voice chatting at once?

  7. I say no. Maybe if it was an extra $10 tacked onto the $50 for LIVE. But no. Seriously LIVE is so great because it is a $50 flat yearly payment. Not this $15 a month like WoW.

    Sadly the companies see Blizzard getting away with Millions of players paying $15 a month and they want a piece of that too

  8. What’s worse than $10 for DLC? $10 a month for a game that takes forever to fully enjoy.

  9. MMO’s take forever to completely enjoy for the game. MMO’s are really only about the people and contacts you can make. There’s no point in playing an MMO if you already have existing relationships you want to keep. They really are another world, and will suck the life out of your current life, and transplant all of you into their etherworlds. If you need friends, badly, play MMO’s. If you like the concept, but don’t want to be a 7-hour-a-day-at-least gamer. At least. Then don’t play MMO’s. That’s my sage advice to anyone considering any type of MMO, whatsoever.

  10. Bottom of the line, no. I wouldn’t pay for a console MMO.

    I notice that now, we have the power to include mice and keyboards into our consoles (PS3, obvious candidate) but its not about the control.

    I tried, so hard to enjoy WoW for my friends. But they were all jaded, skilled players by the time i was entering the fray. Of course i get no help, even though the only reason i payed was to enjoy my self with them but they wouldn’t even hop toon alts and maybe shovel me some gear.

    I was about to pay for a Hellgate: London subscription, then look what happen. The only MMO i had fun in keeled over. The way i see it, the day a new type of MMO comes and steals the spot light is the day they make me pay for my counter strike, dystopia and FPS games per month.

    Until then it would be hard to really capture MMO’s off the PC where you can expand and recreate the world.. Blow off user creation content and ignore what makes MMO game play fun like Trashing people in massive PVP battles.

  11. To add:

    The idea of a MMO recreation of TREASURES OF THE DEEP (OMG NOSTALGIA) would be a great one. It’d be a fresh enviroment and since they remade warhawk i can totally get behind the notion of creating a new, console specific game play – obvious chances for PVP, PVE and Dungeon-Like-Areas (instances) rise in the three dimensions of play, and the whole nimble submarine thing really appeals to me.

    THEN i’d pay for a PSN MMO.

  12. It depends how much a monthly subscription costs and whether or not the game is actually any good. My worry is that I’d pay my subscription but never get to play it because of school or a new game which I only paid for once and which offers me as much/ more value for my money. I don’t really understand the whole upkeep of servers thing though. Activision keeps their servers fine and dandy and they have COD4 and 5: two very much played games by many people, amongst other games too, and they don’t need it. They’re under constant use aren’t they? Guild Wars doesn’t need a monthly fee either. So are my points valid or have I stated much information which is irrelevant? My ranting, raving and rambling all end here.

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