GamerSushi Asks: April Fools?

april-foolsApril Fool’s Day is here, so there will be almost no video game news out over the next 24 hours that we can even hope to trust for the most part, which will make for an undoubtedly slow posting day. Already, people are dropping rumors like Final Fantasy VII on PSN, Dragon Quest IX on sale in Japan, and then some.

So, it got me wondering if you guys have any funny gaming pranks or feats you have ever pulled off? They don’t necessarily have to be related to April Fool’s, but any kind of trick you’ve pulled on someone else related to gaming, or had pulled on you.

For me, it would have to be WCW Vs. NWO for the N64, where I would play as a character named Dr. Frank. My friends all swore that Dr. Frank was cheap and had boosted stats, and I always defended the good Dr. and said that he didn’t. Well, after some research, we found out that the character actually was cheap. So, they edited the character while I was gone and put him in a bikini and changed his name to “Eddys A Cake”. Sometimes, they still use that name just to make fun of me.

What about you guys? Go!

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8 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: April Fools?”

  1. Well I’m quite mature and have no time for these petty traditions lol. Nope. Never relly done a gaming related one but I went onto PS3 and it said MGS4 trophies and COD4 trophies. I didn’t fall for it but from the comments, everyone else did. Some people were VERY angry rofl.

  2. While I don’t really make up many video game rumors, I’ve encountered several jackasses to constantly make up cheap lies about games. My favorite instance was at summer camp three years ago. Everyday, this kid would make up lies about Halo 3 and other games that were so pathetically easy to point out that by the end of the first week of camp, I was like “Dude, shut up. Halo 3 will not be on the PS3, you liar.” The best quote of his was “Yeah, so my friend has the [Halo 3] beta (lie) and he said that you can’t dual-wield Spikers (lolwtfbbq lie).” I was like “Uh, yeah you can. Did you see the gameplay footage and screenshots?” He replied “Those are fakes. (lie) They could have just photoshopped another Spiker on the screen instead of, like, an SMG. (lie, and an epic phale because there are no SMG’s on Snowbound)” I’m like “What do you mean ‘fakes!? Bungie said that you can dual-wield Spikers.” Then he said “Well it could just be a hoax. They could be lying. (LOLie)” I looked at him and started laughing histerically. Yeah, the whole media and Bungie themselves lied about an entire weapon. Good job, kid.

  3. Ive pulled a ton of jokes but nothing better then tricking someone into hitting a button they know they dont want to press… (while in the helicopter) Hey Brian did you know you can drop bombs by hitting Y? (Some random kid falls to his death) or the classic tricking someone to Veto in Halo… theres a couple huge ones Ive done to my friends but I always get a kick out of the little ones

  4. [quote comment=”5664″]I just added my internet browser as a non-steam game and named it Portal 2.[/quote]
    lol pwnd 😀

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