Cube of War Trailer

Once again, got to love the April Fool’s posts from all over the Internet today. Actually, you don’t. I mean, while I think it’s funny that everyone does gags, it actually irritates me that for a whole day I can’t read anything real online. Kind of lame.

However, this fake trailer for a new God of War: Chains of Olympus play mode featuring the Companion Cube from Portal is the opposite of lame. In fact, it’s incredible. I’d totally play this game.

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3 thoughts on “Cube of War Trailer”

  1. Awesome gag. The thing that bothers me though is that they have to take the time to actually make these things…which is less time they work on actual games. I don’t know, maybe I’m just cynical but some of these things are really elaborate and HAD to affect development.

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