When Left 4 Dead Becomes Left 12 Dead

You all know of my nerdy fanboy-slobbering love for all things Valve, specifically Left 4 Dead in recent months. As many have discussed on this before and even today, it’s a great co-op game that requires the utmost teamwork between 4 players in order to survive.

Well, what happens when you add 12 players? It becomes awesome, that’s what. Check out this new mod that requires lots of trickery but ends in good times. Kind of great.


Source- L4D Mods

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4 thoughts on “When Left 4 Dead Becomes Left 12 Dead”

  1. and THIS is why I have so much faith in the PC modding community. Every now and then we get an absolute gem. It just so happens I have a dozen people to play this game with, so I am going to download this, and I am going to play it until I pass out on my keyboard.

  2. All the player’s just clump together, I wouldnt be able to resist myself MUST THOW MOLTIVE INTO GROUP!!!!!!!!!!

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