GamerSushi Asks: Co-Op Gaming?

re5-co-opOver the last few days, I’ve been really kicking it into high gear on a few games so that I can start knocking them out. While I’ve been dabbling a little in several ventures, I really focused in on Resident Evil 5 and Halo Wars, both of which I tried out in co-op. And I have to say, both games are much more fun with someone else.

This got me wondering about what some of your favorite co-op experiences are right now. Is there any game in particular that you’re playing a lot of specifically to enjoy the game’s co-op gameplay? Personally, I think co-op is so much more fun than regular multiplayer, so the more games that keep adding these features, the happier man I will become. Seriously, Resident Evil 5 just transforms once you add another person.

So, what co-op games are you playing the most? And what are some of your favorite co-op games? Go!

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  1. Left 4 Dead. It’s a no brainer. I still can’t get over how incredible the game is when you’ve got a reliable team that have experience playing together, know each other’s styles, and will go to any lengths to save a team-mate – even if the risk dying themselves or not making it into the rescue vehicle. Not a lot of players will come back for you when you are down and out and the escape has arrived, but when they do – just to make sure you get out as well – it makes such a difference.
    All for one, and one for all. I don’t think anything I have ever played in co-op can possibly compare to that.

  2. I’ve been playing RE5 with a friend of mine in split screen, and I’ve been really enjoying it. (Well, right up to act 5, but…)

    Playing co-op during the beginning is awesome, especially since we had no idea where to go. We ended up running into a small alley and pulled a 300. My friend yelled out “their numbers will count for nothing!” and we pulled out our knives. We died pretty fast, but it was epic.

    My number one co-op game would have to be Halo:CE, though. I’ve had many a marathon running from start to finish on that game.

  3. I personally love Half Life 2 Co-Op played on Synergy, a free 3rd party mod. It’s a ton of fun running through the half life 2 levels and cracking jokes with your friends the entire time.
    Best of all, synergy is free as long as you have Half Life 2, and can be downloaded directly off of steam.

  4. Me and my friend used to play Conflict: Desert Storm on PS2 and Timesplitters non-stop. With my cousins it was Halo. We never do this anymore! Where is the love? The closest thing now is a Team Tac on COD4. Hopefully a new Conflict game that’s actually good will come along and brighten my day. Or a port of L4D, either way is good.

  5. Not counting online MP because I dont think thats what you are looking for:

    Halo (the first) Seriously Iv played that co op so many times.

    Hmm….shoot Im hitting blanks. I cant think og many games I played co-op in! Lame. Ill get back to you

  6. Rainbow Six Vegas, Rock Band 2, Gears of War, Gears of War 2 ,Army of Two, Brute Force, Halo 3.

    Co-op is one of the best things to happen to gaming. Honestly nothing better than playing a good co-op game with some one making a good game plan and totally dominating the game. Of coarse co-op is super dependent on the people playing to get along and work well together.

  7. Left 4 Dead, all the way. No other co-op game makes you learn so quickly that sticking together means surviving. Pretty much every game of L4D I play, I play with cooperative players who don’t run around and act like idiots. We work together or we die before the first safe house.
    I had some great times playing Gears 2 co-op, but mainly when playing Horde. I’ll still boot up Gears 2 and play some Horde online or with friends.
    I don’t play Halo 3 that much except for Custom Games. Every so often, me and my friends will get together to play some private match games on maps we’ve made. It’s really fun to play on the maps we made on Foundry and Sandbox. The only problem is that usually it’s just 4-6 people playing, so I’m thinking about joining ForgeHub or some other casual Halo 3 group so I can play custom games with lots of players in it. Also, I loved playing Campaign with friends, but since nobody wants to do the Mythic Challenge with me, looks like I missed out on Recon.
    I’ve lately been playing a lot of World at War’s Nazi Zombies mode on the two maps Nacht der Untoten and Verrueckt. It’s a fun game of survival and can get really frantic (and frustrating) when the zombies start swarming you from all directions. While Verrueckt is really difficult especially by Wave 15, the new weapons, perks, and upgraded zombie AI is too fun to stop playing.
    I decided not to buy Army of Two because of the cussing (see below), as well as the fact that I wanted to save up my money for other games. I did, however, play the demo several times and even that was fun. I made a friend my first time playing the demo, and the combat was fun, even if it was a fairly lame gimmick.

    That’s it more my co-op experiences of late. My friend has been pestering me to get RE5, but I’m not that big of a fan of the series, and lately I’ve been trying to cut down on buying games since my dad got laid off.

    (BTW) When I was buying Gears of War 2 at Gamestop, the cashier was like, “It’s rated M for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, and Strong Language.” My mom then turned to me and said, “Be sure I don’t going to hear this language.” I said alright, but I knew the cashier was flabbergasted because he had emphasize the gore and violence since he explained the Chainsaw kills before my mom commented on the language. Yeah, it was hilarious.

  8. Ya, co-op is definitely funner then regular multiplayer. I always have fun with my friend, using real life combat techniques what the swat and other Counter-Terror team uses.

  9. Contra? anyone? anyone? no? alright then…whippersnapper’s

    Co-op is always fun when friendly fire is on and the grenades are sticky 😀

    finally, Sorry to hear that your dad got laid of cossack I know your pain, 10 years ago my dad’s buisness when under and we had to forclose and declare bankrupcy nd thats never fun :/

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