Today’s ZOMG!!! Mega64 Gets Big Name Cameos In New Metal Gear Solid Video

Those wacky guys at Mega64 have outdone themselves. I don’t want to spoil it, just watch the video and commence fanboy-gasm…..NOW:



Source: Mega64

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11 thoughts on “Today’s ZOMG!!! Mega64 Gets Big Name Cameos In New Metal Gear Solid Video”

  1. Ha ha! I loved the random onlookers. Very brave. To make a fool of yourself in public is a fine art which these guys perfected.

  2. [quote comment=”5581″]I could be wrong but is that Hideo Kojima?[/quote]

    You could be wrong…but you are not.

    And the dude with the cell phone at end is Cliffy B.

    la li le lu lo

  3. That’s just awesome. Hideo Kojima, man…they got the maker of MGS himself onboard. That’s impressive.

  4. King Dude, am I right? That was awesome, good on Kojima for getting into the spirit of Mega64. Dude Huge cameo was pretty sweet, too.

  5. I’m assuming getting Hideo Kojima and Cliffy Bee (which btw is fairly incredibly awesome-sauce) costed too many Benjamins so they just stopped the script right there with a dramatic turn. No flips or fights with Kojima, just…a turn.


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