Dead Rising 2: It’s Over Six Thousand

dead-rising26000 is a lot no matter how you slice it. With 6000 bucks I could buy a kick ass computer and a killer monitor. Or 6000 dollar menu burgers. Or 12000 sodas. Either way, it’s a big number. Especially when you’re talking about the number of zombies that could be on-screen at once in Dead Rising 2.

Apparently, the development dudes at Blue Castle Games, the studio making Dead Rising 2, confirmed at GDC last week that the target number for simultaneous undead baddies on-screen at once is around 6000. In addition, it’s rumored that there will be over 800 different versions of these zombies, which means you won’t be looking at the same zed-heads over and over again every 5 seconds or so.

If they can actually pull this off, color me impressed. Left 4 Dead has some of the most characters I’ve seen at once, but the thought of fighting 6000 zombies at the same time is exhilarating. So, what do you guys think? Excited about the game?

Source- MTV Multiplayer

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10 thoughts on “Dead Rising 2: It’s Over Six Thousand”

  1. I love Dead Rising. Probably in my top 10 for this generation, maybe of all time. Zombie plus ass-tonnes of weapons (shower head FTW) equals epic.

    I hope that they tighten the controls up a bit for DR2, as that was my only major complain for the first one. 6,000 zombies is going to take a lot of slick moves to fight.

  2. Wow, 12,000 sodas? Maybe in Canada. As for being excited, if it comes out on PC I’ll give it a look. If it comes out on the Wii I’ll actively shun it. Also, turn that 6 upside down for bonus points.

  3. I hope they have a gun that fires about 6,000 rounds per second.

    That’s crazy. But in a good way. Fighting that many zombiez at once should be exhilarating.

  4. let me start out by saying
    HOLY SHIT!!!
    That would be a truly amazing feet. I loved the first one, so this is gonna be awesome.
    Better have an RPG or some kind of heavy arms.

  5. This could rather be
    A) The largest zombie slaughter in video game history,
    B) The largest lag-fest in video game history.
    Seriously though, if they pull this off, It’ll be amazing.

  6. um.. And I thought that L4D hordes were big. Damn man, giant hordes of 6000=epic material here.

  7. If that works I’ll be impressed from a technical standpoint. From a gaming perspective? You had me at “Zombies.”

  8. Lol thats gotta be more than the amount of people that would be in a casino at the same time IRL 😛

  9. Wow. Actually I think they really pull it off. Heck, if they can get just 1000 zombies on one screen I’ll be uber-impressed.

    The only problem is that it’s not over 9000.

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