GamerSushi Asks: The Most Beaten Games?

vc-2I’m in the middle of trying to finish way too many games right now. Currently, I’m doing a massive battle royale with Dead Rising, Valkyria Chronicles (still), Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5, Fallout 3 and Halo Wars. This was a bad move on my part, as now I’m nowhere near finishing all of these games. Actually, it’s been awhile since I’ve beat a game at all.

This got me thinking- when I was a kid, I used to beat games like nobody’s business, and then go back and beat it again immediately. Those days are kind of long gone, but it’s fun to think about the ones that I used to play over and over again, to the point where I knew them like the back of my hand.

The main games for me were Shadows of the Empire (loved the final space battle), Metal Gear Solid (skipping cut scenes, I could beat this game in 2 hours) and Super Mario 64, where I once got 40 stars in an hour and a half one day.

So what about you guys? What are the games that you’ve beaten the most in your lifetime? Go!

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  1. I used to beat Jack and Daxter two times a day when I was younger.If you count all four scenarios in L4D a full game then I have probobly done that a dozen times. Half Life episode 2 is one that I play and beat at least once a month. Ive gotten really good at rescuing the entire family in Sid Meirs Pirates and thats really the main quest. Ive probobly rescued all the harvest sprites in harvest moon ds 7 times. Ive probobly beaten Assasines creed a few times. In little big planet I beat every level like 5 times for all the gifts. Ive probobly beaten Super Mario 3 more than anything because I started beating it when I was really young and I still sometimes play through it

  2. Hitman Blood Money. I loved that and I’m eagerly awaiting a sequel (prehaps with co-op?). I was never able to get Silent Assassain in all the missions, but my crowning achievement has to be getting a tenor to kill the lead role in a play. PEW PEW. Then I detonated a chandalier for good measure!

  3. Metal Gear Solid 2, all ulockables, all difficulties and MGS 4 all unlockables but the corpse camo πŸ™ beaten on all difficulties. I lurv my MGS. Crash Bandicoot 1,2 and 3, i lurv my bandicoots. i am very disappointed in the new ones i really dislike them. Then every 2d sonic, i lurv my old school sonics, The new ones have unneccesary features. I love the day time parts of unleashed but the night time is just a new level of boredom.

  4. Jack and Daxter was a definite. Always used to replay those. Ape Escape was one I loved replaying, as well as Medievil 2. More recent replays have been Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (yes. I’m a Sonic Fan. Trash me all you want.) Uh, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I’m starting up Baten Kaitos: Origins again, seeing as I didn’t have all that much fun with the GAME itself the first time around (card system takes some getting used to. Amazing story/detail though). And I’m replaying Gears2’s story. I’ve also been dabbling with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga a lot recently. RPG Mario Game, and the last boss was one of the longest I’ve ever had to fight on A GBA.

  5. Call of Duty 4, I beat that game to death I can beat it in 2 hours (lol I wish). Halo:CE I loved the campaign so much, easily my favorite Halo in terms of single player, though Forge is pretty damn awesome. I used to play the mess out of the metal gear series, than I found XBOX, and stopped playing the metal gear games, though the only one I haven’t played was MGS4.

  6. Final Fantasy VI, IV, Chrono Trigger, Shadows of the Empire (I had all the challenge points on JEDI!)Super Star Wars Trilogy and have twice sunk 60 hours into Final Fantasy Tactics.

  7. Jak & Daxter 1 and 3, and Ratchet & clank 2 and R&C gladiator. I played those games over 14 times through. These days I play same game through only 1-4 times, to get all the trophies.

  8. Wow, i cant believe no one has mentioned ocarina of time! I used to beat that consistantly. I even beat it with only the original 3 hearts you get!

  9. Hm I usualy dont play games more than a few times Because I mostly play for story. So, Deus Ex is probably my most beaten game, all the possible story points and choices, loved it. But ofcourse, Aladin and SMB’s on SNES i’ve been millions of times. Mafia/Max Payne i’ve beaten a fair share, they’re fantastic games. HL 2 i’ve beaten a few times.

    All the greats I guess.

  10. [quote comment=”5561″]Wow, i cant believe no one has mentioned ocarina of time! I used to beat that consistantly. I even beat it with only the original 3 hearts you get![/quote]

    I can’t really do the replaying zelda thing. The only Zelda games I liked were the Zelda games with AMAZINGLY long stories. Longer than usual. So..yeah. But I usually wait a year before I replay a Zelda game. I always have to play Links Awakening. When Kohlint Island dissapeared on me for the first time as a kid, I cried =[.

  11. Never actually played through the whole of OoT but I know it like the back of my hand because me and my brothers always go back to it and we play it together. Ive never done the fire dungeon as adult link but i know everything in there πŸ˜›

  12. Final Fantasy VI, SMB through SMW, Aladdin (why the heck was that game so addictive?), Super Metroid, Doom II, and Quake. Myst probably ranks up there too, all the times I’ve played it through in its various releases, with friends, etc. Though the time component doesn’t compare to some of the others, Street Fighter II Turbo would have to rank highest by far in terms of sheer number of times through in single-player.

  13. Tales of Symphonia, easily, as well as Zelda: OoT, Super Mario 64, Goldeneye 007, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. You could say I was into N64 at the time.

  14. Doom (The original), Doom2, Command and Conquer (original) Quake 2 (Loved that one, still play it), Hexen (a classic). Love killing Korax, as well as the three masters. Play through that game at least once yearly (its old). fun stuff. sheesh, am I old or something? all these games are old… hm…

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