Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Dissect-ified

modern-warfare2Well that didn’t take long. In case you’ve been under a rock all day, the first Modern Warfare 2 teaser debuted last night, giving us little to go on but sound clips, flashes of video and lots of green. Oh, we also got a release date.

Anywho, some crazy dudes have already dissected the trailer nearly second-by-second, and have found some interesting things including a screenshot of some perks, potential hints at settings (South America, anyone?) and even translation of that Russian you heard. Frankly, I’m amazed whenever someone goes to all this trouble, so I must tip my hat to these fine folks.

It’s definitely worth a look if you’re interested in the game at all, especially once they start busting out the frame-by-frame captures of the montage that takes place near the end. So, what are your thoughts?

Source- Binge Gamer

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5 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Dissect-ified”

  1. That’s hilarious. The thing that caught my eye was just from my second view of the video. After listening to the conversations and what all is going on I wouldn’t be surprised if this game didn’t take place at some point in some sort of urban environment. Because they obviously leave a subway and go to the second floor of a very populated civilian area so either that is just the intro showing the Russians are a bunch of punks with guns wanting to take over the world or we might see some sort of a fight taken to a city…which would be interesting. But I don’t know that is just speculation.

    I really love they’re bringing some sort of ship back again, I love anything out on the sea…that first level on COD4 was epic.

  2. That was bad ass that they did that. The random crap on the screen had to be put there just for this purpose. Im sure they figured someone would do this and they imbedded lots of hints.

    South America….Im wondering if they are going to start straying from the Iraq situations and start focusing on the Russians/South American crime bosses and such again as America’s main threat.

    This should be a great game

  3. Awesome.
    My dad (and the rest of his side of the family) can speak Russian, and he said the guy said “God is with us,” and “Evolution is impossible without a revolution.” Something to that effect.
    As for the perks, the first is obviously Stopping Power, the second is maybe Extreme Conditioning, the third has something to do with combat knives, so maybe increased knife speed or range, and the last is a portal gun. Actually I have no idea.
    Snow maps would be AWESOME, so I am more than psyched for CoD:MW2. IT’S A COD GAME, DAMMIT!

  4. “Evolution is impossible without a revolution.”

    Isnt that a Stalin quote? or is it Lenin?

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