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memory-cardLast night, I turned on Civilization: Revolution to kick back and beat the game on a new difficulty level with a civilization I had never played before. I was shocked to learn that the game apparently thinks that I’ve only beaten the game once with the Germans, which happened to be my last play through. Basically, it’s deleted all records of the first 5 or 6 games I’ve played.

While not a big deal, it’s certainly a tad annoying. But it got me thinking of some other saved data that I’ve lost in the past in video games. I’ve had a KOTOR file lock up on me after about 10 hours or so of play, along with a few other games. The worst I’ve had though is a 30+ hour game of Final Fantasy VII where I lost the whole file.

What about you guys? What’s the worst data loss you’ve experienced in a video game? Go!

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  1. DOOM II… Nightmare Difficulty. got to level 10, somehow, the save game got corrupted. I was pissed. Anyone who has played on Nightmare would agree that it was no cake walk.
    That is why I save very often over differant save files. So I dont have to go through that again…

  2. There was an RPG on the GBA called Riviera: The Promised Land. I would kill the final boss, and the game would freeze. Every. Time. It’s a 10 minute trip to the boss from the last point you can save, then 5 minutes of dialog, and a 10 minute fight. I did that 5 or 6 times before I gave up and traded the damn thing in.

    Not exactly a loss of data, but as close as I’ve come.

  3. I had an FFVII horror story, too…I only kept one save file, and somehow, after fighting Diamond weapon (waaaay into the game) I managed to get my guys stuck on the world map. Had to start all over again. Good news, though, I didn’t make Aeris one of my main three on the second playthrough.

  4. When I was plaing COD5 on veteran I’d quit a mission when I became too stressed (read, every other checkpoint) and it would not save the last checkpoint. This usually happened at the last checkpoint. EVIL. One of my main grudges. Also, It kept deleting me and my friends single player progress after we’d completed Veteran which meant no Nazi Zombies. EVIL again. Also, when I was 9 or so my PS2’s memory card was corrupted. I was very sad. All the characters in Tekken Tag gone! Every unlock in Time Crisis 2 lost forever! I’ll say again: E-V-I-L!

  5. Well, I had a HUGE Sim City 3k City (Called Redforest) and somehow, it got lost. Just no more. After a year, I finally found the city under another file. Seoul, Korea. I don’t know how that happened but I was very happy. Then my whole computer crashed and I lost EVERYTHING. Absolutely EVERYTHING (Fortunate for me there wasn’t a whole lot that I lost cuz back then I didn’t keep a lot on my compy.) So I was pretty sad.

  6. I think my worst loss of a game file was the first one I had. It was when my Pokemon Gold edition got corrupted and I lost my whole game. I had about 3/5 of the Pokedex full, and had a Lvl.100 Charizard. When it was gone, I broke down into tears and was depressed for the rest of the week. Then we got Legend of Zelda: Oracles/Ages, which replaced the Pokemon games for the most part.

  7. Worst data loss I encountered, I received a Playstation 2 Demo Disc in the mail and played all the games, this was prior to receiving a letter advising not to play the Viewtiful Joe 2 demo. Sadly the demo had a glitch which would corrupt any memory cards currently in the system. Both my 8 mb PS2 cards were in the machine at the time so both me and my wife lost the saved data for every game we owned for PS2. including a full franchise of NHL 2002.

  8. Haha. I’m with Cossack on the Pokemon thing. I’ve had four losses that have been horrible in my lifetime. The first was a Pokemon Yellow file, on which, as a bored young man, I had trained a Pikachu to above level 40 and a Butterfree to above level 30 BEFORE fighting brock. For anyone who knows WHERE Brock is in terms of map and gametime and where I’d have had to train, they know that that took me well over 3 months. And it did. And I accidentally deleted the file, out of my haste to play it. The second was on the first FIRE EMBLEM for GBA. It wasn’t a big loss, since the game progresses fast. It just hurt a lot, since I had restarted so many times before, and I had finally settled into the game with that file, just to accidentally delete it, AGAIN. The third was Zelda Windwaker. It was hard enough to get into the game, after having started it over and over at a friends house and not being able to progress far, but I finally borrowed it and got quite far, and my memory card got corrupted. ANd that was just..ah. I didn’t play the game again for a year. I still haven’t finished windwaker, actually. Fourth was my Tales Of Symphonia file. You never, ever, EVER want to lose a tale of symphonia file. I accidentally deleted my main file in which I had gotten to Flainor. I didn’t play the game again for about half a year or more. I finally went back and completed it. Even though that game is long I still enjoyed it greatly. Next to Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and Baten Kaitos: Origins. And all the Kingdom Hearts, I think it is one of the most unappreciated RPG’s of my generation.

  9. I think this is why they say consoles are going to be extincted. They see that the consoles have less memory than computers do. But increase in memory, with more new features in the future, its better to make a gaming pc than trying to fake out that consoles are different than them.

    Look now! Your consoles do almost everything you can do on a pc now. You just don`t have a keyboard and mouse.

  10. Final fantasy save don’t like me….whilst playing FFX for the ps2, I didn’t save for 10 hours well into the game….file corrupted. FFIII for the DS. Got to crystal tower with about 30-40 hours of gameplay under it and corrupted again. D;

  11. When I reformated my PS3 hard drive and forgot to backup my saved game files (but for some odd reason I remembered to back up all of my PS2 files i had saved on it). The biggest thing I was mad about was my Rockband files which had my friends characters, band tours, and my character which I had beaten every song on expert with singing. That was annoying… lost a few other games like that Robotic Comando game, Pixel Junk Racers. Good thing Warhawk is all online, booted that up and got all of my trophies and stats back.

  12. Well.. I posted this on the post about Fallout 3 DLC… But during my transfer from my old 500gb to my new 1tb, i confused my folders and deleted my Fallout 3 SaveGames.. probably 30-40 hours of game all gone.. So.. Im just going to try to forget what i’ve seen, play some other stuff ( World of Goo is fanstic, i pre-purchased Zeno Clash, and I just picked up FarCry2 for something different).. we’ll see how it all goes…

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