Whoops, The Pitt is Kind of Borked

pittLots of people are excited about the new Fallout 3 DLC, the Pitt, which released today for the XBox 360 and PC. Or at least they were, until it all turned out to be a big crazy mess.

Apparently, many who have downloaded the new pack on the 360 have experienced everything from freezing machines to graphical glitches galore. It’s so bad that some places in the game even feature floating red exclamation points where missing textures should be. Yikes. Bethesda is now investigating and setting out to fix the problem.

I understand that this kind of stuff is complicated, but how does something go so fundamentally wrong with a release like that? I mean, back to the point I made earlier about micro transactions- if you’re going to charge me money, at least make it somewhat workable. So, was anyone excited about The Pitt DLC? Has anyone had these problems?

Source- Kotaku

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9 thoughts on “Whoops, The Pitt is Kind of Borked”

  1. that sucks.
    Honestly, they really shouldnt be having that kind of problem with the DLC… how long have they worked on it? Also, I wouldnt pay for that, myself. putting money right into the drain, this DLC would

  2. Wow that’s bad! I hope any problems with the DLC gets fixed if it ever gets released on PS3.

  3. As long as it doesn’t affect windows, I’m good. Ever since my friend got a new computer and lent me his old one with Fallout 3 installed, I haven’t booted up my X Box copy since. It just loads sooo slow in comparison.

    Poor Bethesda. I’m sure there’s an internet shit-storm brewing on their forums.

  4. Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t buy the Pitt. When the Pitt DLC was announced, I had sent in my Xbox, so I was like “Wait, wha- already?” Now that I got my 360 back, I forgot all about the Pitt and was focusing on CoD:WaW’s Map Pack 1 (which I love). Once Bethesda claims they patched up their mutated Frankenstein, I’ll go download the Pitt and possibly have mega fun!

  5. AT first i was super pissed i downloaded it before i went to school and was looking forward to it all day then it froze and my first reaction was to rip Bethesda a new asshole on forums then i stopped and realized that would make me what i hate. An ignorant crybaby. Bethesda’s last 2 games have been amazing and im sure a patch will surface soon that will fix all the issues or at least most of them

  6. . . . I am so out of the Fallout loop that I missed the next DLC???

    Meh, Oblivion took F3s place again XD ITS SO GOOD I SAY.

    So is it bad for the PC too?

  7. i trust in the power of Bethesda and their power in RPG’s as Valve and their power with FPS’s (excluding tf2 for 360). I’m sure they’re working overtime and are saddened by the load of crap on their forums now. As Mitch said, poor Bethesda :(.

  8. All I have to say is that when you expect people to pay for something, you need to provide that service as they expect it.
    I hope they’re working hard.

  9. uuughh.. =(

    I just got a new 1TB drive, and was transfering a LOT of work/personal stuff over from the old 500GB… Thinking i was deleting my old “My Games” folder I accidnetly deleted my Fallout 3 Folder… about 40 hours deep of exploration…

    dont remind me of Fallout.. The plan now is to just wait a year and reinstall.. or get massive braindamage over countless weekends to hopefully forget what I’ve already seen.

    my heart hurts…

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