R.U.S.E. Trailer: The Sneaky RTS

Ubisoft debuted a new RTS today called R.U.S.E., coming to the PS3, PC and XBox 360. The idea behind the game is certainly an interesting one. Basically, it’s a typical war-based RTS, but with a twist. At the beginning of each round, each player is dealt a hand of cards, which give special abilities.

These cards do a range of things, such as allowing your units to be invisible until they get behind enemy lines, or revealing what the other player is doing, or disguising your heavy tanks as light infantry. It’s a unique tweak to the genre, and I’m curious to see how it plays out. Here’s the R.U.S.E. trailer– thoughts?


Source- GameSpot

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7 thoughts on “R.U.S.E. Trailer: The Sneaky RTS”

  1. Ubisoft loves their acronyms, that’s for sure. Looks like a neat twist on the genre, I’ll be keeping an eye on this game for sure.

  2. Looks very cool, I just hope it has voice-command, like EndWar. I will refuse to play an RTS unless it is either has/is: Dawn of War, Has voice command, or is Ground Control II: Exodus. So yeah, since playing EndWar, Voice-Command is a must have. I’m kind of hoping this is like and EndWar 2 only better, and not directly related.

  3. Hmm… Looks tres cool. Not being much of an RTS guy, i’m wary, but it might be worth buying. We shall see.

  4. I’m suprised no one has commented on the weirdness of these two men. Anyway, I’m more of a fantasy RTS guy than anything (FFT FFTA FIRE EMBLEM ETC) so..yeah. But it looks good.

  5. Nice. Looks great.

    I once imagined making an rts game for Microsoft surface( Like the table you see in that trailer). But, it`s jus all an image…

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