Alpha Protocol Trailer

Alpha Protocol is a game from Obsidian that is not scheduled for release soon enough. I say that because the trailer is incredible, and screams Mass Effect meets Splinter Cell. The blend of stealth action, great graphics, and RPG elements seems like definite win to me. Thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Alpha Protocol Trailer”

  1. This looks fairly awesome. I wonder if by “choice”, the developers mean that you’re not just a good guy, that you actually can make large-scale decisions (a la Bioshock and Fallout 3). The combat and stuff also looks enticing. I only hope they put in multiplayer, because that would be off the charts. I’ll understand if they don’t, but whether it’s a rank-up system or everyone starts with all the same gear, a stealth RPG multiplayer game would be really cool. Either way, the story looks epic.

  2. darn my fading interest for good rpg’s! I think I might try this out. Heard about it from it’s beginning stages and it seems pretty alright.

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