CoD: World at War Zombie DLC Gameplay

Well, if you’ve been wondering what the new DLC zombie stuff looks like for Call of Duty: World at War, Treyarch was kind enough to release a brand new gameplay video for all of us. It shows off the new map which definitely has a cool feel to it, and some great lighting to boot. Looks fun.

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3 thoughts on “CoD: World at War Zombie DLC Gameplay”

  1. Seems pretty awesome – I like the idea of the Perk-a-Cola Machines, and the layout seems pretty sweet.

    However, I’m not too keen on the new sound clips that accompany it. One thing I liked about Nacht der Untoten, is that it was completely silent save for some zombie gurgles and gunfire, which made it seem really desolate.

    Now, the soldiers and zombies talking and warbling obnoxiously kind of hinders the creepiness. The zombies will start doing fist-bumps at this rate.

  2. Wahey! A reason for me to play COD5 again! I’ve actually not touched that since the start of January now. It was my most anticipated Christmas game.

  3. i wish i could play my cod5 again :'( stupid punbkbuster and your stupid punkbuster B!! IT’S INSTALLED! I CHECKED! MANY TIMES >:( … this guy has bad shooting no? And I agree with hawk… the new sound effects make it less zombie like and fun….

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