The New Behemoth Game Trailer

Well, it’s been a good long weekend at Austin for SXSW, but now I’m back! Much thanks to Anthony for holding down the fort.

One of the coolest things I’ve seen since I’ve been back was this trailer for the new game from Behemoth, the same dudes behind Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. While we don’t have a name yet, we do have a date of 2010, and some great gameplay footage. It looks to be a co-op platformer of sorts, only with lots of explosions. Sign me up!

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5 thoughts on “The New Behemoth Game Trailer”

  1. Er..some..kind of jewel?…and a chicken? Ah Alien Hominid. Just listening to the music while watching the video made me “lol” quite a few times, especially through all the randomness. It seems that this will be a cooperative platformer with a kind of party-game style of gameplay with a central story. Probably filled with all sorts of missions stuffed with explody things. That’s just my guess, from the trailer.

  2. maybe even more than co-op. Probably like, 16-player status. Or maybe just 8. But more than 2. HOW DO I EDIT COMMENTS?! ><

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