GTA IV Sales About “50-50” Between 360 and PS3

gta4Take-Two said in a press conference that sales of its mega-ultra-super-shiny juggernaut Grand Theft Auto IV (the one without the digital ding dong) were split about even between the 360 and PS3. They did not give any other specifics or release any actual numbers, but fanboys on both sides are freaking right out, while Wii fanboys wave a plastic remote in the air cause they just don’t care.

GTA IV sold 13 million copies worldwide so if they sold even down the middle on both systems, this means that more of the PS3’s installed base bought the game than the 360’s, which is odd and just a little surprising. The PS3 has sold 21.3 million worldwide and the Xbox 360 has sold 27.93 million worldwide. Maybe its due to the PS3’s demographic skewing older? Maybe people just preferred getting it on the PS3 because thats what the old GTAs were originally on? If this is accurate and Take-Two is not just having a laugh at us, it also means that Microsoft’s much vaunted exclusive DLC did not play much of a factor in people’s decision, which is even more odd. If I had a 360, I would have got it on that for the DLC. As a PS3 owner, I am still hoping it is simply a timed exclusive.

What did you buy the game on and if you have both systems, why? What do you make of this surprising news?


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4 thoughts on “GTA IV Sales About “50-50” Between 360 and PS3”

  1. I don’t know if it’s too surprising that more of the PS3’s install base purchased it than the 360’s, as the GTA franchise has previously been exclusive to Sony.

    However, I am pretty surprised that the numbers are close, considering just how many more 360’s there are out there. I bought the game for the 360, mainly because I heard there wasn’t much of a graphical different, and I like the 360 controller better. Plus, Achievements. 😉

    However, the DLC doesn’t just pay off for more copies sold. MS takes money for every purchase made on XBL.

  2. Yeah, its the fact that there are so many more 360’s out there and yet they came out even that is the surprise.

    As for the DLC, I would have thought that it would have moved 360’s, for people who had yet to buy either system. Clearly, not enough.

    The PS3 didn’t sell more systems either. Its odd.

  3. Yeah, I have both and I got it on the 360 for the same reasons as Eddy… I was disappointed with Lost and Damned but not because of the dong. I was excited to possibly get some of the wacky things that made San Andreas, Vice City, and GTA III so much fun (kinda like Saints Row 2 had). If instead of a bunch of bikes and a tow truck, I got a tank or C4… I’d be playing it right now, instead its buried at the bottom of my pile.

  4. Heh, I have to be different and I don’t like GTA lol. However this is quite impressive with the whole PS3 have a higher ratio of GTA fanboys to 360 lol. If GTA DLC and other ones that never made it do come out on PS3 I can see the already small gap closing!

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