The Eight Hour Halo Wars Duel

halo-wars-rtsYeesh. Talk about an online multiplayer slugfest. While browsing through the Halo Wars forums today, I caught this thread about a particularly epic battle that a poster’s roommate was involved in.

You see, it started out as a 2v2 match, in which the poster was defeated early on. His roommate (scruffalupogus) held his ground however, and proceeded to battle the two opponents to a standstill. This continued for a while. And by “a while”, I mean all night and into the next morning. And the afternoon. Eventually, one of the teammates quit, leaving just two combatants, scruffalupogus and GL0RYSEEKER to duel it out, RTS style, for a grand total of an 8 hour Halo Wars match.

Yes. 8 hours. You can check the match out here. Hit the jump for a few noteworthy statistics…

Total resources collected: 3,930,081
Total infantry killed: 693
Total vehicles lost: 3782
Total playing time: 483.2 min

The funniest part of the whole thing? The game finally ended because GL0RYSEEKER quit. I mean, really? You’d stay in a game for 8 hours and then just quit? And truthfully, it sounds like him and his teammate weren’t all that good at the game, if scruffalupogus could keep them at bay that long. Still kind of awesome though.

This reminds me of a couple of particularly ridiculous bouts I had during my time in Warcraft 3, though none quite so grand as this struggle. What about you guys? Ever had a ridiculous multiplayer match like this?

Source- Halo Wars Forums

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  1. damn that’s crazy. I mean if you’re gonna sit there for 8 hours Halo Wars must be a damn good game.

  2. not on same scale but i was at a LAN party with some mates and we decided to fight eachother in Company of Heroes.

    It ended with my team winning (as the germans) because we tiger rushed through the frontline.

    Dont know how long it was, but my guess is 5-7: Hours of Gameplay. We didnt check because we collapsed and fell asleep as soon as we were done.

  3. i guess the guy must have quit for work or something. it’s wierd how few infantry were lost. when i play i always have lots of infantry. either spartans or hunters.

  4. I had something like this happen before and oddly enough it was Halo Wars also. We had a game that took 5 hours, it was 3v3 and one of my teammates left, my team held them off for 4 hours, then they slowly killed us in the last hour.

  5. Well, nothing close to that but I was playing 2v2 EndWar on the USS Regan, EFEC vs. Spetz. Now, EFEC (Me and my partner) are defending and the defenders on that map pretty much got it made in the shade. But EFEc isn’t a turtle faction, they’re a blitz type. Since it’s conquest whoever has the most uplinks pretty much forefits the game becuase of the Crash and WMD given to the losers. So we decide to take two of the five uplinks and wait it out (Here’s what I posted on the EndWar Forums:

    I just finished playing a 55-minute match against MythicElephant and llaco on Xbox live. I gotta say, that was crazy.

    Battle Summary:

    Map: USS Regan

    Players: 2v2

    Factions: EFEC (Defender) vs. Spetznaz Guard Brigade (Attacker)

    So I believe you all know how biased this map is towards the defenders. Here’s what happened.

    1. Me and my ally grab Lima and Whiskey and decide to let the SPTZ get Foxtrot and go into DEFCON.

    2. SPTZ grabs Alpha and Delta and upgrade them with Electronic Warfare.

    3. We wait, and wait, and wait. We both got some Arty which we use to pound the enemy when we see them. Also, we use Air Support to take out their Arty and hardened structures.

    4. SPTZ does the same, takes out our Arty.

    5. Eventually SPTZ calls in Deep Strikes, which are taken care of rapidly but begin to be the diversion they need to move their Arty behind cover and other units up.

    6. Then there is another stalemate, we wait for about 20-25 minutes with the occasional Deep Strike and UAV’s.

    7. Actually, this would’ve gone on for quite awhile but then my Ally said he had to leave. He apologized, wished me luck and left.

    8. AI takes over and you all know how smart the AI is.

    9. AI goes on offensive and promptly sucks all our reserves. SPTZ ran out of reserves aswell, but… Well, the AI is about as effective in combat as I am at fine literature.

    10. AI takes Foxtrot and DEFCON starts.

    11. SPTZ takes Whiskey down, and I WMD a few units.

    12. I know the battle is lost so I pull out.

    13. Leave a Tank and an Engie behind just in case.

    14. Now the battle finally comes to a close and the SPTZ are victorious.

    In case you didn’t know the average match in EndWar lasts 10-20 and anything over 30 minutes is quite a feat. So, while not eight hours it was the longest MP match I’ve ever played.

  6. [quote comment=”5183″]damn that’s crazy. I mean if you’re gonna sit there for 8 hours Halo Wars must be a damn good game.[/quote]

    or your just determined to just finish the damn game.

  7. once in dawn of war: dark crusade i had a match that was about 6 hours long and there were so many corpses that i had to turn off persistent bodies and scarring so i didn’t lag
    i was imperial guard against space marines

  8. Just last night I was playing a WC3 mod (Broken ALliances) and I played a 4 and a half hour battle. Me and my ally won the match but to officially win we had to turn on each other and he killed me, I still consider a victory because we were allys the whole game though.

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