Rumor: Fallout MMO in the Works?

fallout3ps3MMO’s. Everybody’s doing them, so you should, too. One day, every game ever will be an MMO. Well, maybe not, but sometimes it seems that way, no? Heck, even ZeniMax Studios, parent company of a nifty little outfit called Bethesda, wants to get in on the action.

Yup, that’s right. The dudes that own Bethesda are looking at hiring some folks to make themselves an MMO. They’ve already nabbed some Blizzard talent, and are currently searching for additional game dudes.

So, could this mean that a Fallout or Elder Scrolls MMO could be in the works? Interesting thought indeed. I must say that I really do like the idea of living in an online world full of vaults, and traveling across barren landscapes to reach other areas. I mean, imagine living in the city you actually live in, only in Fallout style. What do you guys think?

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9 thoughts on “Rumor: Fallout MMO in the Works?”

  1. A Fallout MMO would be awesome. An Oblivion MMO would compete directly with WoW, as it’s a somewhat generic fantasy setting. If you want to break into the MMO market, you have to spin out something fresh.

  2. OMGASM!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111ONE

    I can’t wait for a Fallout MMO! If Fallout 3, which was singleplayer, was so addicting, imagine how horrible my social life will become if an MMO comes out!
    Like you said Mitch, Oblivion would be too similar to WoW, and the nuclear wasteland of the Fallout series is unique. No other game really has a wasteland as deep and realistic and awesome as Fallout’s.
    What I hope Bethesda and their new talent (I’m glad they’re getting some people from Blizzard – they knew what they were doing with WoW) will do is allow the player to select whether they are a Raider, Normal Wastelander, Vault Guy, or Ghouly. I think Super Mewties would be overpowered and would serve as an awesome enemy for all Wastelanders.

    Bethesda made Fallout 3 a game that was rich with history and detail, easy to control and use VATS, and just AWESOME! I am genuinely psyched for Fallout MMO. (Fallout 4? Fallout: The Wasteland? Fallout: The States? Fallout: Lolwtfbbq?)

  3. If i got the two placed in front of me i would pick an elder scrolls MMO. I really didn’t like fallout, i hated the VATS and i didn’t really like the setting of fallout, i think oblivion is millions of times better.

    Plus there is a chance that if they do make an Elder scrolls MMO all the regions will be combined and that would be great, getting to see all the old places with enhanced graphics would be fantastic.

  4. Another reason to hate WoW.

    Now they bring ANOTHER company into the MMO business, probably to falter and eventually fail. LOTRO and Warhammer are the two big ones and they are basically kaput.

    Bethesda will eb what will attract people. But shit that what WOULD have attracted people to Warhammer Online. I mean DOW II is the BEST selling PC game right now. (You can find the stats for that) Yet their MMO is dieing.

    I see this as something that will probabyl fail. I love bethesda’s work on Single player environments. I can only IMAGINE the magnitude and awesomeness that an MMO from them would have. BUT with the current titan of WoW still being played, I see only failure for upcoming MMOs. I think KOTOR Online will be the one to see if it cant dent WoW. The players who play WoW barely switch, or if they do,t hey go back. I just cant see it happening.

    Not to mention I would want to play something Bethesda makes. They are amazing. We shall see.

  5. I’d prefer an Elder Scrolls MMO. First, it would mean they’ve likely been working on it for longer, so earlier release and more polish. Second, where would a Fallout MMO take place? America is sort of large and difficult to faithfully recreate. And finally, TES has lore that Bethesda is much more familiar with. Though in the end, I’ll play whatever they make.

  6. [quote comment=”5175″]I’d prefer an Elder Scrolls MMO. And finally, TES has lore that Bethesda is much more familiar with. Though in the end, I’ll play whatever they make.[/quote]

    I pray that there is NEVER a TES MMO.

    The glory of TES is that it IS single player. The ability to have unique items and such are what helps to make the game so much fun. I cant imagine them taking it and making it an MMO. I would be devastated. The game would however look stunning and be full of stuff thats just too much fun. But TES needs to stay single player. I dont think adding in tons of other people would make it very fun.

    Now Ill compromise and say down the line, when they are done going through the lands of TES main world, they could make an MMO that incorporates all of them. Hell if they could make a game that took all the provinces and land masses in the world and made them each accessible with oen character….that could be sweet.

  7. I Think TES MMO would be intresting, The ability to make your own spell’s and enchant item’s is what I liked about Oblivion, It might work well for creating a diverce exprience in the mmo world.

    I remember accidently making a spell that did feather 80 pts and burdern 80 pts -_-

  8. [quote comment=”5178″]I pray that there is NEVER a TES MMO.
    Fair enough – TES would definitely lose something in the transition to an MMO, but if Bethesda did make the jump, it’d be a pretty different game, gameplay-wise. I would love to see the lore of Tamriel rebuilt in a multiplayer setting. I wouldn’t take it instead of a TESV, but I’d like to see it done nonetheless.

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