19 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?”

  1. Alright, I’ll answer my own questions…

    1. If we’re talking a great story, then I’ll deal with some bad gameplay. That’s about par for the course in many RPG’s.

    2. When thinking about great licensed games, I have to put Goldeneye out as maybe the best licensed video game ever made. And that game ruled my face off. If that’s what licensed gaming can do at its peak, then I’m all for that.

    3. Co-op is my style of choice these days. After things like Left 4 Dead and Horde Mode on Gears of War 2, I’m kind of a spoiled brat about it. I needs mah co-op!

    4. I typically jump all into the single player of a game, because playing through that will teach you the majority of the mechanics that you need to get by in multiplayer modes, etc.

    5. I loathe loathe loathe the idea of 3D gaming. Does anyone really think it’s a good idea to strap something to their face and play a game? I think it’s moronic. Unfortunately, most of the talk at CES this year had to do with 3D in the home, and I just couldn’t be more turned off to that idea than I am now.

    6. Since I don’t have much of a gaming library, they can take that. I’ll keep my systems, plz.

    7. Right now for me this is the Halo Wars/ Halo dilemma. I think in general, I’d rather spend my time getting better at a game, but in reality, I’d probably end up defaulting to my bread and butter, which would be games that I’m already a beast in.

  2. 1. Bad story if it’s some FPS or RTS or some Space Sim. Gameplay for RPGs but unless it’s a sandbox style RPG

    2. Good original IP they help other developers improve their own games. Like how Elite did for the space games. Or Left 4 Dead is doing for the Co-ops

    3. Defiantly Coop I hate the competitive multiplayer games they are all the same and usually filled with some half brained teen lol

    4. Well single player to get the hang of the mechanics and game play but then again I love freeform games where there usually isn’t some things like that. Then it’s just a choice of what I can do.

    5. We need to stop pushing the 3D and Graphics and work on game play and features so many developers have gone down the road like “if it graphically good or some new engine its better! And we can sacrifice game play” To many games have been co ops of others or just plain copied hmmm WoW clones anyone?

    6. Hack my Steam account I can get it back usually within 24 hours plus I’m smart enough not to fall for that kind of crap but it I could never get it back then steal my library my rig is way to expensive lol

    7. Like I said earlier I am really tired of deathmatch style multiplayer we need new types so I would probably go with something I suck at because if I am already owning people in a game I usually get bored

  3. 1. I love a good story but without fun gameplay I cant get into it and Ill focus on how annoying it is to play rather then the engaging plot.

    2. Id go with licensed game as long as it was great. I like the idea of having the movie/game combo.

    3. I have much more fun with Co-op, to me killing an enemy thats a bot or a person is almost the same, theres nothing better then killing a trash talking opponent but working together for me is the way to go.

    4. I always try to beat the single player. It used to be because I thought Id be better because I knew all the controls but now-a-days its so some a-hole in the pregame lobby wont spoil the ending.

    5. I think 3D gaming will never really be taken seriously but if I remember correctly, certain points in Sly Cooper 1 or 2 let you play in 3D optionally. I thought it was a nice touch but still Im against 3D, seems unnecessary. I already feel ridiculous playing my Wii, do I need goggles too?

    6. I feel like if I say take my Xbox, itll somehow find out I said it and next time I turn it on Ill get a few red lights as a “Oh yeah F^&* you too!” But they can take my umm…. UMDs?

    7. I have to mix it up when it comes to long video game sessions so Im gonna go with get better at a new game. Sometimes losing is funner if your playing a new game thats a blast.

  4. 1. Bad story. I play games for fun, hence gameplay. Most video game stories suck anyway, even the ones we think are good. They get too complicated and try to be cute and clever and it usually fails. I will not play a bad game just to watch a story.

    2. License game. I love playing X-Men Legends and things like that, so I am all about it.

    3.Versus. Co-op can be hit or miss, but versus is usually on target.

    4.I like to try everything out first and see what I want to do with it.

    5.No 3-d. Ever. Virtual Boy, anyone?

    6.Games. Systems are too expensive to lose.

    7.Get better at a new game. I did that this weekend. I chose Killzone 2 over Call of Duty 4. I pwn in both now!

  5. good questions.

    1. Story always! TLJ doesnt really have fantastic gameplay, but the story is mmm.

    2. If I am a huge fan of the content the game is based on, I am usualy disapointed. So, normaly Original IP’s appeal to me.

    3. Lately, Co-Op is the thing, and its been working.

    4. I always play the campaign first, and almost always finish the entire campaign before trying the multiplayer.

    5. 3D gaming would be cool, but im impartial on this one.

    6. ABSOLUTELY my games. My machine is a work machine; if I lost all my work I’d die forsure. Plus I do NOT have $2000 of games on STEAM; they’re replaceable.

    7. I own at everything I touch XD.

    I kid. I like working at new games, you can only be as good as the people you play against; always gotta keep working up and finding new kids to play.

  6. 1.I would suffer from a bad story cause the pure fact that the Guitar Hero series has no story but i still play it loads.

    2.licensed game.for no reason i just prefer the one done by the creator.

    3.Vercus, until infinity ward can come up with 12 player co-op with masses of A.I. to kill.

    4.All around, I got to grips with the basic’s of everything before I finished HALO3.

    5.Gaming would be pretty cool in 3D but right now the technology we have needs to be improve
    (RROD needs to be fixed).

    6.Lose Rig, I had steam with half life (all eps) and GMOD10 when my computer capped out but when it was fixed i was pleased I could get back to playing straight away.


  7. 1. Bad story. Gameplay is the most important aspect of any game, and I can forgive a bad story in a game. If I want a good story, I’ll just read a bood.

    2. Great original IP, if only because licensed games are usually much less innovative and original than new IP.

    3. Co-op. While killing other people is fun, making it through a particularly difficult level together is much more satisfying.

    4. As much as I’d love to play around with everything, usually I just jump right into one thing. That way, when I’m done I still have more to do.

    5. Let’s work on making what we have better before we move on.

    6. Tough choice…I’d go with games collection, though, because it’d cost more to replace my PC…and if I were to replace it I’d be using newer, more expensive components anyways. Actually, that could be a good excuse to upgrade…I’d still go with the games, though.

    7. Getting better. I have a lot more fun working up from the bottom than starting at the top and only being able to go down.

  8. 1. Suffer through a bad story or bad gameplay? Suffer through a bad story no doubt. If the game is playable then it’s not a total loss. But if its controls are Sh*t….

    2. Play a great licensed game (say a game based on a movie or comic book), or a great original IP? A great original game. Here’s why, Mirror’s Edge. It is a great, great, great puzzle game with bullets.

    3. Have co-op or versus multiplayer?

    4. Play around with all of the features (multiplayer, time trials, single player campaign) of a brand new game, or jump all in to one feature right when you get it? Play one feature. Might aswell get as far as I can in one area, eh?

    5. See the consoles move forward to 3D gaming, or do you want to improve the features we have?

    6. If something in your game collection was stolen, would you rather it be your games library or your current favorite system? For PC dudes, in terms of theft, would you rather have your Steam account hacked and games lost forever, or your rig stolen? Rig, it’s the games that cost the money, not the rigs. Besides, with just a rig whatcha gonna do?

    7. Spend your weekend getting better at a game you suck at, or owning people at a game you excel at? Getting better at a game I suck at, dominating is just too overrated.

  9. YES! The next WYR! For the kajillionth time, I love these things you guys; keep em up!

    1. I’d rather have better gameplay. It is a GAME after all, and if I want a good story I’ll watch a movie or read a book [if I’m desperate]. It’s basically GoW1 (come on, it was a bad story!) vs. Mass Effect (maybe that’s harsh, but I’m saying that the story is better than the controls). I’d go with GoW1.
    Then again, would a mediocre story and mediocre gameplay be so bad?

    Yeah, it would be bad…

    2. I’d rather play an awesome original IP. Sure, playing Superman 64 is fun, but a new IP always adds more flavor than a pre-existing franchise.

    3. Hm, it’s a close call, but I’d rather have Co-Op. As long as the people in my party are friends and/or take the game seriously enough to be cooperative (hence the term Co-op), I just like Co-Op better, and Versus typically deteriorates into One-Man-Armies. So basically this issue is Left 4 Dead versus…Left 4 Dead.
    Speaking of which, L4D pulls off something unique, in that even in online Versus matches, it still plays like Human vs COM Co-Op because you have to stick together to just leave the spawn area alive.

    4. Considering I explore all the functions in the options menu when I first start up a game, I like taking my time to explore each feature and get a feel for it before jumping into Multiplayer.

    5. I’d rather keep my controller, and just have a screen that shows very pretty pictures and lets me push buttons and have a good time. It’s just something about virtual reality that…scares me. I think video games, at least in this century or half-century should remain non-VR.
    Then again, full immersion would make FPS’s epic!

    6. Considering I just spent two weeks with no 360, I know what it’s like to have your console “stolen”. You can always easily replace your console, so I’d go with losing the console and keeping the games (and hard drive).

    7. I’d probably do a little of both, as usual. But I’d probably spend most of my time getting better at a game I suck at. I’d rather become better at CSS or stop getting pwned by noobish shinanigans so frequently in CoD:WaW than rape in CoD4. Of course, the potential rapage in CoD4 might pull me away for some time.

    These are great, you guys! I love you! I want to have your babies! Or autographs! Or autographed babies!

  10. My first WYR, I will probably suck at this.

    1. I would rather suffer through a shitty story, if the game plays great then I am fine with that. I have played some games with great stories but crappy gameplay (BIA:HH for example) that make me frustrated with questionable controls and framerates.

    2. Original IP for sure. I have played several crappy licensed games like any of those Gundam monstrosities (big gundam fan though). Ridiculously clunky controls and terrible graphics. One of my favorite IP’s of all time is Burnout, I have owned every single one since the first one came out when Acclaim was still around.

    3. Co-op for sure. I suck balls at most versus games (especially CSS) and I like doing co op more. Games like L4D show how it can work really well as long as you don’t have asshats in your group.

    4. This is pretty hard question for me to answer. Sometimes I will go straight into SP or explore everything. I would probably have to lean towards going straight into one feature.

    5. Another interesting question. I think horror games with VR could be really cool and FPS based shooters could be epic with VR. There are definitely improvements that could be made to all of the current consoles but I think VR would be neat but I would probably limit that to horror games and some FPS’s.

    6. I would probably have my Steam account hacked. I use my rig for so many other things other than gaming such as recording music, doing schoolwork, and communicating with people. I also don’t use my Steam account that much anymore, now if my Xbox account got hacked then I would be seriously pissed.

    7. I think I would also do a little bit of both. I excel at games such as Burnout and RACE2007. I suck at everything else that isn’t racing. I would love to get better at a game like CSS but I have already tried and failed.

    So hopefully my first WYR doesn’t totally blow Cortez’s nuts but I certainly had fun.

  11. Quote from Eddy:
    5. I loathe loathe loathe the idea of 3D gaming. Does anyone really think it’s a good idea to strap something to their face and play a game? I think it’s moronic. Unfortunately, most of the talk at CES this year had to do with 3D in the home, and I just couldn’t be more turned off to that idea than I am now.

    – compared to strpping something to your wrist and flailing around like an epaleptic at a rave party?

  12. 1. It sounds “selfish” if you will but i’d rather suffer through bad gameplay. For example, I didn’t give a crap about anything happening in the WWII campaign in CoD 5 (100% Been there, done that) but the gameplay was still excelent so I still enjoyed the single player quite a bit.

    2. Original IP all the way, i bought Dead Space (excellent game) before CoD 5 because i didn’t just want to play a CoD 4 rip-off I enjoy playing through new stories and trying new gameplay mechanics.

    3. Versus, Co-Op hasn’t been any good since Operation Desert Storm on the Xbox

    4.I usually jump into SP and stay there until i complete it, then i move on into everything else.

    5. Improve the features we have,3D gaming will fail for the same reason 3D movies fail, 3D has little to no demand and is not very effective.

    6.I have both so A: Library, il keep my PS3 thank you very much. B: Steam get hacked, i only have like 5 games, and i’d get my account back within a week

    7. Pwn some Newbs.

  13. 1. It would depend on the genre of the game. RPGs always need a good story above all else. Mass Effect’s gameplay was lackluster at best, but I put that aside because of it’s kickass story.

    2. I’ve personally never been a fan of licensed games. They butcher the original plot of what they were based on. I’d rather have a great IP, because, after games like Half-Life and Mass Effect, I can see what creative people can come up with on their own rather than being given a basis of plot to go on.

    3. Co-Op all the way. Creative teammwork through an excellent story beats mindless killing any day. Although I do wish their could be some medium between the two, similar to Shadowrun, where the story is in the multiplayer, but expanded on more to where it’s more than CTF and Deathmatches.

    4. The first thing I’ll ever do is jump into singleplayer. Some people simply buy games for the MP, but usually for me it’s the opposite. I’m a sucker for excellent first person story-telling gameplay, and you always learn the basics of gameplay features.

    5. We have real-life experiences for 3D gaming. Paintball is just as good as 3D FPSs. I’d rather see what can happen in terms of Sandbox gameplay and realistic action/reactions. Get more realistic, just not more real, if you know what I mean.

    6. I’ve accumulated several games over my career, and I’d hate to go through the bullshit of getting them all again. I have a Wii and a 360, along with my Steam Account, so I’ll take losing my 360.

    7. I’d definitely improve at a game I suck at so that I’ll just be able to kick ass in two games.

  14. 1.Story is really important to me, because I always enjoy a good story. Good gameplay is good gameplay, you can get that anywere but a good story should be completly unique

    2.Ip’s Always because A liscensed game will probobly wait for the sequal to the licensed material were as new Ip’s can release sequal’s whenever they want

    3. I like CO-OP with team damage on so that I can has mah cake and kill it when its a n00b

    4.I ususally dabble in all the features and then jump into one

    5. Were not ready for “more” innovation we need to go back to the basic’s and improve

    6.NOO THEY BE STEALIN MAH STEAM AKKAOUNT. Right now it would be a blessing to have my rig stolen, so I finally can justify getting a new one

    7. What does “Suck” mean? I spend my weekends owning.
    “It makes me feel like a badass”

  15. 1. I’d have to suffer with a bad story. Look at it this way. Horrible story but an amazing way to play through it, with stunning details, and gameplay.

    2. I would rather play an IP. Licenced games don’t do so hot in terms of matching a movie or TV show. I read somewhere, that an upcoming game for Wii is going to be a Greys Anatomy game. Seriously. Though I agree with Eddy, I sure do love me some Goldeneye 🙂

    3. I’m going to have to say multiplayer on this. I love Left 4 Dead and horde mode, but I do love owning it up on Call of Duty 4. I play with my friends on my team, so it’s somewhat co-op.

    4. All features as one or whatever.

    5. Yay, for renovations! Just kidding. They just got a new chip in the 360’s to help keep them from overheating. Just stick with improving systems now. Newer ones will suck anyways if it took Microsoft 3 years to fix a chip.

    6. Take my games. Losing a console is worse than $60 games. Plus not many amazing games aren’t out for the systems besides GTA IV, Killzone 2, or expanded Halo 3 stuff.

    7. I play enough Call of Duty and Halo 3 to say I can own. I’d like to get better at other games, but in the meantime I’ll continuing owning n00bs in COD or Halo.

  16. 1)Suffer through bad story. You bought to game to game, not to hav bed time storys.

    2)Great original, I don`t remember any licensed game that was so good to cry for…

    3)Co-op co-op co-op Co-Op CO-OP COOOOOPPPPPP!!!!1!1one!

    4)I stick to one feature for about 30mins and go on to the next, sooo I try every other features.

    5)Hard question as always… I think they should improve what we hav now.

    6)Games lost forever. What the heck, buy the games again if they are worth it.

    7)Maybe both, but mostly owning ppl at something good at.

  17. Woot WUR!

    1. Either will drive me away from a game. Bad stories just make me laugh but If I can’t get into the story I can’t get into the game. Likewise if the game play is bad I doubt I would bother to play on unless the story truly was amazingly awesome. I would say suffer through a bad story because at least I can just skip the cut scenes.

    2. Great OIP, The only good licensed game I can think of would be Spiderman 2, any of the tony hawks or anything based on a Tom Clancy novel. OIP’s are far more interesting and almost always better.

    3. Co-Op, then I can feel like part of the winning team instead of having every single opponent dominate me. But co-op really is much more fun most of the time, L4D shows this perfectly.

    4. I always play single player first before going into multi player. I will usually test out multi player just to see if it works and sometimes, coughGTA4PCcough, I will be enticed to stay and play a lot more multi player.

    5. I like to move forward not backwards. The idea of walking down the streets of City 17 in my living room brings me to mini-gameasms.

    6. Actually, funny this should come up. My steam account got hijacked via key logger the other day and I actually wasn’t too bothered, if anything I was annoyed that I wouldn’t be able to talk to a few people for however long it takes valve to gimme my account back. I will get this account back of course but if I did somehow loose my account forever I would probably just illegally download the games, I paid for them once! If my computer got stolen I would sit in the corner and cry whilst hugging my mobile phone for being the closest thing to internet I have.

    7. Getting better, the few games I am good at that I play I get bored after a while. I find it much more exciting to improve my skills and go from 1 kill per life to 10.

  18. 1. Bad story. Great gameplay can never do a [game] wrong. Bad gameplay on the other hand..”EAT LEAD” anyone?

    2. Original IP of course. Brings much more to the table.

    3. I likes me some FPS versus, but only on the PC. Sound plays a big role in FPS games & I grew up using sound & not sight specifically to find enemies. Thus, it was hard for me to get into games like Halo/GOW Versus right off the bat. Co-op is more fun in those types of games.

    4. Jump into one and move forward. I start in the options & settings & stuff but I move straight to single player, usually.

    5. 3D gaming will probably be a whole different market. You’d probably need more space for 3D gaming, hence specific game rooms & not just your casual living/bed room game set up. I’d probably like 3D games, but they’ll most likely have to be set up arcade style instead of in everyones homes. Oh and yeah, strapping something to your face just to make something feel 3D is..not that great.

    6. Game system. Unless it’s my PC. Then STF away. IF it’s anything else, then by all means the system. If you amass a large library of games, worth more than your system at large, it’s not worth it to lose the games. If it’s a PC that you game with, however, then by all means. PC’s are computers. Game systems are computers without the computer, just a hard drive basically. Which is pointless. EVERYONE GO TO PC =).

    7. Getting better. Beating people at games isn’t that much fun to me, because I hardly get a challenge once I get comfortable with a game. Anything but RTS’s that is. Those are always a challenge.

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