Today’s WTF: Mario Bros Vs Ronald McDonald

There are really not many words to describe this other than WTF. Apparently, Ronald McDonald wants to destroy Burger King. And uh, I guess the Mario Bros. want to stop him? Also, the Hamburglar appears. Just… wtf?

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4 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Mario Bros Vs Ronald McDonald”


    Ronald turns his hand into a gun…. CUZ HE’S THAT BADASS..

    Ronald’s just lucky Chuck Norris dint show up… CHUCK NORRIS LOVES BURGERKING

    SoNiC vR mIcHaEl JaCkSoN…

    They fite over the cake, In a surprise ending the cake turns out to be a lie and eats them both….

    There now youve all had your recommended daily dose of the internet…

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