GamerSushi Asks: Purchasing Busts?

ff8I randomly decided to get Halo Wars this weekend. Well, not completely randomly. You see, I’m selling my Wii to some poor sucker on this website, and knowing that I’m about to get some extra gaming cash has really gotten me itching for a new game, especially considering all the new titles coming out.

I don’t know if you guys ever get that same itch, but for me it’s killer. It came down to Halo Wars or Killzone 2, and Halo Wars won out, though I’m pretty sure Killzone 2 will end up in my collection in a week or so. The point is, I’m really enjoying the purchase so far. The single player campaign is interesting, albeit simplistic, and multiplayer is just a blast. I imagine 3 v 3 with some friends is stupid fun.

Anywho, it made me start wondering about the most disappointing (or even the worst) game I had ever actually purchased, because this was far from that. I think for me it was probably Final Fantasy VIII, which just let me down in so many ways. What about you guys?

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  1. My Wii system as a whole let me down. I loved it when I got it…then…there was nothing. I was stuck playing Zelda and waiting for Animal Crossing. (Which I didn’t make it to, sold the console.)

    If I had to pick a game though, I’d say Battlefield 2142. Game was so ‘meh’ for me. I didn’t get it until it had been out for quite a while so everyone else had all this God-mode gear and high ranks, I couldn’t do anything fun.

  2. I know I shouldnt have but I had high hopes for Shadowrun. I didnt do my research and it was literally one of those “weekend” games where I played it, got bored, tried for a few achievements, gave up. I know theres worse let downs in my collection, but its too painful to talk about. But yeah 3 v 3 is a blast, especially if you got your buddies on your team, you can blame them if you lose.

  3. [quote comment=”5123″]farcry 2… $105 for some mediocre shooting and a 20 minute drive through the desert.[/quote]

    Yeah, I rented that and barely got past the tutorial it was so lousy.

    I bought Jaws, Devil May Cry 3 and Simcity DS and all were kind of lackluster.

    Other than that, I usually love the games I buy.

    Eddy, you didn’t like FFVIII???

  4. LOL I laughed so hard because:

    I’ve always disliked 2 genres. RPG and RTS… After hearing SOO many things about FF, I finaly decided to try one. The first PC one I found was 8… and after finishing it, (mind you, one of my only RPGs ever, and forsure the only FF ever [besides a SNES one I bought by accident; and loved too] ), I loved it…

    Everytime I say “dude I loved VIII”, my friend almost strangles me with his socks, screaming “PLAY VII, PLAY VII”. But I haven’t.

    Aside from that, I don’t buy games unless I know they’re awesome. I’m currently waiting for money to go through on paypal; some of which is going to Fallout 3. It’s about time for a new game.

  5. [quote comment=”5125″]
    Eddy, you didn’t like FFVIII???[/quote]

    After FF VII, it was just a let down for me. I didn’t like the art style, the draw system, and it generally got boring after the 2nd disc. The first 2 discs are actually pretty sweet, but after that it stopped being fun for me.

  6. I can understand that. I think because VII was so many people’s first FF, that VIII was going to be a let down.

    Since I had played all of them and was used to Square being experimental, I liked it more than I would have normally.

  7. Worst Game Ever: Air Offensive

    It was a total bust. Then again, it was $20 and I got it while going around looking for some things at Menards, my nearest building supplies store. >.< Rule of thumb, never get a game from Menards.

  8. Now, I don’t own a PS3, but a buddy of mine does. This past weekend, he picked up Resistance one and 2 (don’t ask me why he didn’t get Killzone), figuring we could have some fun in co-op. We booted it up and…Quit within five minutes. Both games were just so bland! The resolution on R2 really surprised me as well. My friend has a true HD TV, and R2 looked very fuzzy. Ah, well, at least we got a cool Chimera figure out of it.

    (by the way, we should have a GS throw down on Halo Wars. I’m sure that enough people here have it.)

  9. Hmm my worst game purchase ever… I really liked all the games I purchased so far. The worst would have to be Sim City DS (yes I bought it to). It was just so blah… but oh well, it was only $30 when i bought it.
    And Rainbow Six Vegas 2, it wasnt a bad game at all, just got really old once I hit elite. Just no more point in going on.

  10. I’ve had a lot of major let-downs in my time, so I’ll have to settle with a top 3.

    Billy Hatcher, Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, and Gears of War 1.

    Billy Hatcher was teh_ghey, but MP3 and GoW1 are on the list because I played the first level and then stopped. Halo 3 and CoD4 and BFBC shoved MP3 out of the way so I never got around to playing it, and I got GoW1 for no reason a few months before GoW2 came out because I wanted to get a feel for the gameplay and story and stuff. I did play multiplayer 20+ times, and I got fairly far into Campaign, but still. It’s just not the same. I sold the three games along with several other games concluding that I would never play them, and got $140. Yayz. So in fact, selling the games was the happiest time in my relationship with the game. Sad really.

  11. Silverfall: Earth Awakening

    Had some extra cash and i spotted it on steam as a good looking RPG. Bought it and was really, really unhappy within the first few minutes.

  12. KnightShift and Unreal II.

    KnightShift seemed to be a nice mix of RTS and RPG-gameplay at first but I got bored after the first two hours. Plus the graphics and voice acting were shitty.

    Unreal II…yeah. I guess most of you will agree with me.
    That game was boring right off the start. The ‘story’ wasn’t interesting at all and…yeah. Just shitty.

  13. I have memories of getting either the third or fourth TMNT game for the SNES on my birthday one year when I was a kid, starting it up, and beating the whole damn thing in about 2-3 hours. I was so pissed!

    As for current generation games… I’ve been good about only buying used and sticking with games that generally got high marks, so as of yet I haven’t really been that disappointed with a game purchase.

    I think being disappointed in the Wii as a system overall is pretty fair, although all of the games I bought and played through I really enjoyed. I just ran out of things I wanted to buy… so I bought a 360, and I’ve been happy ever since.

  14. My biggest disappointment was getting Neverwinter Nights 2, this game had the worst camera controls ever and was intensely boring I played for 4 minutes and then quit. It was that bad.

    The other worst game I have ever was Red orchestra. This game was fun for the 20 minutes during which I just mowed down some Germans with a machine gun, then after that I got too bored.

  15. Another disappointed Farcry 2 guy here. It was probably the worse $50 I have ever spent on a PC game, the game was so buggy I couldn’t even play it. When I was finally able to play it, I was treated to a lame story and absolutely annoying AI that would repeatedly try to run you down because they didn’t know they had guns.

    Another game that sucked was Medal of Honor: Airborne. That game ran so poorly and was so short that I finished it in about 5 hours. It was just a bland piece of trash.

  16. a few

    CoD4:MW and CoD5. lack of support from activision/iw/treyarch was wat did it for me. 4 and 5 were the same, and they were horrible. 4 sp was good, but i thought 5 was trying too hard to go back to cod2 sp. Both multiplayers were generic.

    other than those 2 atrocities i think banjo tooie was a little too much. i mean it was fun, but they just did too much…

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