Bioshock 2 Reveal in Next PC Gamer

bioshock-1In a day where print is dying a sad, slow, miserable death, it’s a wonder that anybody else besides Game Informer gets any kind of exclusive first-looks anymore. Apparently, however, we must all watch on as gaming magazines continue to limp forward.

But like I said, sometimes these things happen, and it just so happens that the world’s first look at Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams is going to occur in the next PC Gamer magazine. If you weren’t aware, there’s already a Bioshock 2 viral site that has gone up in the last week or so, complete with a tease about little girls getting kidnapped by something mysterious in coastal towns.

So, who’s excited about Bioshock 2? Who played the first one?

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3 thoughts on “Bioshock 2 Reveal in Next PC Gamer”

  1. Shiiit.. I got Bioshock when it first came out… I’ve installed it on 2 seperate occasions.. But I’ve never finished it. 3rd time’s the charm?..

    I Loove the concept and beginning, but always get bored and start playing another game.. Guess its time to hunker down and play ‘er through if a 2nd one is coming…

  2. I’ll be excited about Bioshock 2 when a release date is announced. Until then, I’ll keep trying to get that darn third ending in the first one…

  3. I never got around to purchasing and playing BioShock, and it was probably because I’m not into games that rape your anxiety. Now I think I might play BS1 before getting BS2, or possibly just get BS2 and hope the story isn’t a direct continuation.

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