Hilarious List of Video Game Sex Offenders

waluigiWhile sex offenders are in general no laughing matter, sometimes you can’t help but chuckle at dudes that might happen to look like Chester Molesters. Straw hat, Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, binoculars and all, these dudes are easy to spot in a crowd. But what about in video games?

As we all know, gaming has more than its fair share of weird looking dudes. That’s why Destructoid has put up this handy list of videogame characters that look like sex offenders for all of us to look and laugh at. These are some of gaming’s ugliest and creepiest looking dudes by far.

Got any others to add to the list? I have to say that I disagree with Gordon Freeman, but the inclusion of both Marcus Fenix and Yangus from Dragon Quest VIII made me die laughing. Thoughts?

Source- Destructoid

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12 thoughts on “Hilarious List of Video Game Sex Offenders”

  1. Yup. Just like you, I disagree with Gordon Freeman. The look is more “f*ck your aliens!” than “f*uck your daughters!”.. but maybe its just me… Solid list though.

    How about the Guerilla skin from the T’s in CS? That stache has vag-friction written all over it.

  2. The list is awesome. I never looked at those characters that way… but now I will.
    Well,except for Gordon Freeman. That’s the only one I truly disagree.

  3. I wouldn’t say Gordon Freeman or Rico fit the bill, but seriously, that was an, err ‘interesting list. What about the Happy Mask Guy from Zelda? The way he looked at Link, ewwwww.

  4. I think Gordon does look like someone who was been arrested for sex abuse. I live in Tampa, where many of them are, I swear I have seen him on the news…and he wasn’t swinging a crowbar.

    Waluigi is a perfect choice as well.

  5. I do think Gordon should be on there, but I can’t see Marcus. Maybe because Gears is one of my favorite games.

  6. Yeah, I could totally see Gordan Freeman walking into the To Catch a Predator Set and Chris Hanson telling him to have a seat. Give that image a minute to set in…

  7. Frank West, Agent 47, Altaïr’s. The Nova Prospekt guards from Half-life 2, “..Those are rape eyes if I’ve ever seen them.”-Chet of the Leet World.

  8. Captain Price’s mustache is a sex offender.

    Oh, and Rico from KH2 is on the list, not because he’s ripped, but because he’s black. Seriously. Everyone else from KH2 is just as ripped or jockish.

  9. Top 5 gaming related sex offender’s

    5.Brucie from GTA 4,Sex offender

    4.Duke Nukem, Sex offender

    3.Twinkle the fairy, Legend of zelda, Sex offender

    2.Sonic, Sonic The Hedge Hog, Sex offender

    1.Nate, Webzero’s, Sex offender

    😀 I went there.

  10. [quote comment=”5100″]how about captain falcon? He wants to see your moves.[/quote]
    Lol captain falcon. What about Wario instead of Walugia? He just looks like that creepy old fat guy.
    And what about the dude from Braid, if you played the game it makes sense.

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