What are You Playing This Weekend?

deadrisingSince we’re just in the middle of a new gaming season with several major releases coming in the last couple of weeks, there seems to be plenty on the plate at the moment. Some people are playing these brand new titles, while others are still stuck on the ones that they got around the holidays.

Right now, I’m still playing a lot of Civilization Revolution, as well as some Valkyria Chronicles, Left 4 Dead, Gears of War 2 Horde Mode, and hopefully this weekend, a used copy of Dead Rising I picked up recently. I never really got to finish the game, so I’m excited about getting to really jump into it.

So, what are you guys playing lately? What are you playing this weekend? Go!

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18 thoughts on “What are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. Currently I’m sitting in Digital Overload, and I will be playing TF2, L4D, halo, and brawl all weekend. 🙂

  2. I was thinking about playing UT3 in that Steam Free Weekend. Seems cool.
    Also, a lot of TF2 and a pretty neat mod for HL2 I’ve been playing… It’s called Strider Mountain. Too bad it’s only a Pre-Release. But it’s still cool.

  3. Man, I had to send in my XBox on Monday because the visual had been all weird and fuzzy and eratic, until finally it went kaput. I’m still waiting for the damn thing to reach Texas, where the recovery people are supposed to be! I am in withdrawl!

    Seriously though. I needz mah CoD4. I had been just easing into my pwnage streak with several AK classes. Not to mention Halo Wars came out the day after I sent in my 360. That’s right! I have purchased the Limited Edition Halo Wars and it’s sitting on the game shelf but I CAN’T PLAY IT!!! God, it’s vexxing!

    Anyway, if I DID have my 360 in working condition, I’d be playing CoD4 with friends and clanmembers (btw, KKK is a banned clan tag), playing Halo Wars, and experimenting with Sandbox and Orbital in Forge. And maybe play a few games on Assembly.

  4. I’m sitting on M2:TW, CoD 3, GRAW. Some pretty old stuff, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good.

  5. Lets see… I need to pick up my Xbox to play WaW… Double XP Weekend finally!

    TF2 probably all weekend.

    Probably going to try UT3 this weekend, since Steam is awesome.

  6. I’m smothered with tests on saturday (extra-curricular) but on sunday, I’ll be playing some tf2, css surfing, possibly some guild wars and just maybe some battlefield heroes if i feel like it…

  7. I’m on an old school kick, working my way though MGS and Resident Evil. Maybe a little Fallout 3 to mix things up.

  8. I will mostly be playing Grifball in Halo 3 double XP weekend, with the odd Fallout 3 session. That is if I can get my Xbox away from my roommate who is now addicted to Fallout 3.

  9. Prolly just Killzone 2. I just unloocked the Tactitian class and got 113 points but lost the match 🙁 My x1.5 bonus woulda’ come in handy there! I need to rank up plenty, get the scout class and turn invisible to get revenge on everyone else!

  10. Chrono trigger




    Maybe some jack and daxter if I get around to it…

    Im kinda hunkering down and not buying new games since there is going to be so many new ip’s this spring I dont want to get left out in the cold

  11. I jus got `racedriver grid`. It`s awesome.
    The controls are tricky for new`ns, but when your ready, It`s like racing with a tuned up warthog. The crashes are EPIC.

  12. L4D and/or Synergy if any of my friends are up for a game.

    TF2 maybe, I have still yet to use any of the scout unlocks in a real game.

    I might play the HAWX demo for the billionth time whilst wishing the real game was out.

    And of course I recently picked up a copy of “Motherload Goldium Edition” in a car boot sale and it’s addictive as hell so we will see.

  13. Assasins Creed 360
    Rainbow Six Vegas 360
    Resident Evil 4 PC
    World in Conflict PC
    Rock Band 360

  14. COD: WaW of course and some LFD… hopefully my clan will get on this weekend. Also some WoW, lvl 48 priest workn on gettn a DK. Hopefully ill hit lvl 55 by thursday.
    And maybe some Halo Wars… idk gotta get the game.

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