GamerSushi Asks: Rate Your Skill?

goldeneyeI remember back in the day, Goldeneye was the console multiplayer game of choice. Granted, that might have been because it was the only console multiplayer game, but even still… When it came to seeing who was the best at video games, Goldeneye was the game that we busted out.

And I owned at it. Seriously. Something about that game really stuck with me, and I just got it, really understood the way it worked. The funny thing is, I have still to this day never met a single person that could beat me at that game. Except for my brother.

My brother was a god at Goldeneye. He would demolish everybody, and leave me in the dust by a mile. We used to play with one hit kills, 10 minute matches. Sometimes he would end up with nearly 100 kills. In 10 minutes. That’s a heck of a lot of the James Bond theme playing over and over again.

To be honest, Goldeneye was probably the best I have ever been at a game. My skills in Counter-Strike: Source never even compared, and while I am a good, possibly great Halo player, I don’t know if I would call myself elite.

So, this brings up the question- how good are you guys at video games? I know that’s kind of a weird thing to ask, but it’s something that’s been on my mind. Back in the day, being good at a game really mattered, getting high scores really was a way for people to compete, but that seems mostly gone now. There are very few ways to measure up how we stack up to other players, except in the FPS world, which is the only real genre left with “scores” anymore.

I actually run into quite a few people who think they are good at games, but really aren’t once you sit down and play with them. So, if you had to honestly rate yourselves in terms of genres like FPS, sports, puzzle games, etc.- on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, what would your assessment be?

List some of the games you are particularly awesome at and your rating in it, as well as a few you’re not quite as good at. Go!

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  1. Figured I’d answer my own question…

    Left 4 Dead: 8

    While I’m not the best L4D player, I’m a pretty brutal force. I think the thing that makes me the most dangerous is when I’m a survivor- I’m extremely attentive to what is going on with my teammates at all times. Definitely valuable.

    Call of Duty- 6

    While I’m an above average CoD player, I just tend to get owned a lot. Occasionally I’ll have a good game, but mostly I just get rocked.

    Counter-Strike: Source- 5

    I’ve always been a very streaky CSS player. I tend to barely edge out with a positive ratio, but only if I’m being really patient and careful. Nowadays, I tend to play it like Halo, and rush around everywhere.

    Halo- 8.5

    I’m pretty damn good at Halo. I can mess some dudes up.

  2. Cod 4 / 5: 8.5

    if i dont finish the game at least plus 5 then im dissapointed. plus 7 – 8 will satisfy me. i pulled high score 90% of the time with my clan against others and with our own matches

    CSS: 2

    drazic + mouse and keyboard = epic fail. i got some sort of aim happening after a week of playing but i constantly got owned. sick of hackers and people takin got serious which put me off

    halo: once a 8 now a 6.5

    the glory days and skills are now gone thanks to cod. i go through periods where ill casually play the game develop skills then get sick of lag and leave again and lose my skills.

    Rainbow six vegas: once a 9 now who knows…

    been ages since i played that bad boy. the golden days of xbox live when i first got a month of live free after the RROD. i met 3 other aussies on rainbow and for the next month we played with each other every day. we’d challenge teams of 6 us 4 attack and defend and come out on top. we werea team and a half. bought live after that and continued our domination until halo came out. perhaps i should reunite with the 2 that still go on live… the beloved stoner hasnt been on in over a year….

    ah look at me get all sappy.

    good article and idea (y)

  3. Gears of War- 8.5

    I put so many hours into the first one its not even funny. Getting “Seriously…” is still one of my proudest moments on the 360

    Halo- 7

    It really depends on gametype for me. I usually finish top 3 on my team in something like team deathmatch, but put me in a lone wolves or territories and Ill lose.

    GTA- 8

    I think Ive messed around in GTA enough to learn a bunch of little things to help me out when I go into deathmatches and stuff. Im pretty good killing but in a race, I know Ill just flip or hit a wall right near the finish line.

    Rainbow 6 Vegas- 4

    Terrorist Hunts are fun, but I dont take it as serious as I should and usually get my team killed. In a team deathmatch, I rarely come out with a victory… but its still a fun game. In Vegas Im usually on the receiving end of an ass whooping.

    Rockstar Table Tennis/Topspin- 2

    I seriously suck at tennis games, with the exception of Sega Superstars Tennis… but I dont think that counts. I have one achievement in Topspin. Its winning a match and I did it when I was playing my brother and he went to the bathroom

  4. Good topic, dude.

    Madden- 4

    I always thought I was good at Madden until I played other people. Now I am not so sure ๐Ÿ™

    Call of Duty- 9

    I am shocked because this was the first FPS I could really whip ass at. Once I got the hang of it, I was the man.

    Killzone 2- 9.5

    This is new, but I usually finish #1 on my team, no matter what mode we are playing in and I win more often than not. So I think I am good at it, but we will see.

  5. Phew, quite a question. Well lets see…

    L4D: 8

    Set me up with a good team in versus and I’m unstoppable. I’m pretty good at Coop as well. I just can’t play with noobs. At all.

    Halo: 7

    Meeeeeh. I’m alright. Can’t aim a sniper to save my life half the time. I’m usually like the guy who has the middle score, or the second highest score on a team. I wouldn’t get so mad at it if it wasn’t for the fact you can rank down in ranked matches. Way too much pressure.

    Team Fortress 2: 5

    I suck on the console version, but I’m alright on the PC.

    Counter Strike Source: 4

    The only thing I was ever remotely good at was Zombie Mod, which I lost an entire Summer to before I got my Xbox. It did teach me to aim a bit better, cope with lag, and crouch jump.

    CoD4: 9

    I was pretty beast at this one before I sold it. I was good, but didn’t have to resort to noob weapons like the P90, M16, Modded G3, or the RPD. I always used either a Silenced M4, a silenced MP5, or a M14, which is the best gun in the game skill wise, IMO. It’s just when I got put up against noobs I totally blew. That game was so unbalanced, and damned if I didn’t get so pissed at it. One day I just go so mad at it I sold it and Gears 2 for FEAR 2.

  6. COD4 – 8
    I’m two off as while most of the time I’ll own all in my path, there is the odd game where it will go the exact opposite ๐Ÿ™

    MGS4/MGO – 9
    Single player I’m told I’m a ten! Online, an 8 for the same reasons as above.

    Resistance 2 – 6
    In co-op I’m the only one who can use the medic class. I’m usually topof the board all the time. Competitive is a different story all togeter.

    Goldeneye – 9.5

    I was the best out of all my family. I went an entire match against my dad with out dying. I was 6 at the time. My crowning achievement? My cousin had the golden gun I had the Silenced PP7. I (literally) ran circles around him and subsequently owned him, took his gun, and me and my cousin held off the small room where the golden gun was. We won 100-24.

  7. CS:S: 4
    I’m not BAD at it, as in I can be counted to pull my weight, but I never see myself as being anything higher than an order-moneky. I’m the guy with the rifle who is their because he’s a warm body, can take a bullet, and can lay down some fire. With a Scout and a Compact I’d move my rating up to 6.

    TF2: 6
    TF2 is a team game, and, if anything, I am a team player. Sure I’m just another warm body,but this time I’m a useful warm body! 1v1 is hard to tell considering the ammount of classes there are to choose from.

    L4D: 7.5
    I think I’ve got a lot that many L4D players I see don’t have: a cool, level head; very good fire-control; leadership and tactics; and the ability not to get fed up with my team (unless they are griefers). In other valve games I’m a follower. In this one, I’m a leader.

  8. COD4: 8.5

    After a few months of only sniping, I feel I have become quite a proficient sniper. However, I consider myself pretty good with most other guns as well. I still have good days and bad days, though. :/

    Halo 3: 5

    I never really play this anymore, as everyone seemed to be better than me, no matter what. At least in COD, you stand a better chance of getting some kills. Still, I think I have some rudimentary skills in this game.

    L4D: 7.5

    I consider teamwork a top priority, and I’m always willing to give up a health pack or pills for a teammate. I never glitch or cheat, which I consider to be relevant to skill, and I think I’m pretty good at this game.

    Team Fortress 2: 8.5

    I feel really bad about saying this one but… the lack of skill by the majority of people on the console version of this game is disconcerting. I usually top the scoreboards nearly everytime. I think its less to do with skill on my part and lack of skill by the other players. :/

    Gears of War: 2

    HAHA, no. Not my type.

    I hope I shall someday see any of you out there in the wild Live world sometime.

  9. Well, going by what games I’ve played I’d say this:

    Halo 1, 2, 3: 7 – I’m good enough but I can only handle the higher difficulties on Legendary, and you don’t even want to know about multiplayer.

    Frontlines: Fuel of war: 8 – The singleplayer wasn’t a sweat and I rank fairly high in MP matches.

    Madden 09: 5 – I struggle beating the AI on All-Madden (maybe it’s the 15 minute quarters eh?) and online my record is 1-13 so I usually save my time.

    Battlefield: BC: 9 – I absolutely love this game and I am good at it aswell, I’m a dominating sniper and the Singleplayer isn’t too hard for me.

    Call of Duty 3: 7 – Indefinetly borrowed this one and it’s fun. It is a shame multiplayer is dead but I am relatively skilled.

    Call of Duty 4: 4 – Since I don’t own this game it’s a whole lot harder for me to rate myself but I can’t handle anything much higher than normal and online I SUCK. Again, probably cuz I’m new.

    GRAW 1 & 2: 9.5 – This set of Clancy games is my favorite, and it shows in my play. I have beaten the both of them on hard the first run-through and I’m semi-skilled in multiplayer, but since it’s dead mulitplayer rating doesn’t apply IMO.

    EndWar: 8.5 – I was a private beta for this so I was looking forward to it for a long time and I learned to play in the beta so I had a 1up on my opponents. After awhile they cought up to me and I swapped to 2v2, then 4v4. Playing with friends in very fun but it’s unfortunate that the game was kind of a “flop”

    EVE Online: 7 – I found this game awhile ago and really loved it, just too bad the learning curve is like this:
    But one you get to the top (kinda where I’m at) it get easier and it’s just amazing how many ways to play there are.

    There are a few more but I’m too lazy to write about them.

  10. Halo (Any of them) – 3
    I’m pretty terrible at those games. My problem is, if I shoot someone in the head, I expect them to be dead. Not always the case in halo…

    CSS – Formerly 10, now…maybe a 6
    Played aloooot of CSS is highschool, don’t do that much anymore.

    TF2 – varies
    If I’m a sniper, you’re screwed, other than that though, I’ll get owned my fair share.

    Starcraft – 1
    I’m good at most RTSs. Not this one. I’m still gathering crap for my first buildings when I get blown away.

    Thats about all I play anymore competetively. (With the exception of starcraft. Screw that game)

  11. Halo 3 – Against my roommates, a 10. Against the general Xbox LIVE populous, probably a 7.

    Battlefield 2142 – I started playing this game again last week, and I still got it. Solid 10.

    Dawn of War II: 7 or an 8. Techmarine for the win!

    CoD 4: A 3 a best. I`m really quite terrible at this game.

  12. TF2-9
    If I’m playing pyro. I’m ok at a few other classes but I can really tear it up with the pyro.
    Day of Defeat Source-6.5-7
    I’d say I’m a slightly above average at DoD:S. Am I the only person here that likes it?
    I have my crappy matches every now and then but most of the time I can rape on CoD with the right weapons/perks.
    Super Smash Brothers (entire series)-7-9
    9 If I’m playing against my friends 7 compared to most of the people I’ve played with in tournaments.

  13. COD4- 6

    I can kill most anything that isn’t better than me…obviously.

    L4D – 7

    What WHAT?

    BF2 – 9

    Been playing since 05.

    TF2 6-8
    Depends on the lag.

    HL2 : DM 6-8
    SERIOUSLY depends on wether i’m playing on my mac (Crossover) or my PC.

  14. COD: 9 – I have played the series for years and I got really beast. I was just quick on my feet.

    Halo: 4 – I’m a total noob when it comes to Halo. I am absolutely HORRIBLE playing an FPS game on a console. However, FPS games I always excel at so I can still play, but I always get pwned by my friends. Consoles don’t allow me the speed and agility I usually have. PC FTW!

    CSS: 6 – I’m better at version 1.6, but I play source because it’s purdy ๐Ÿ™‚

    L4D: 7 – I am a good teamate! I tend to think very strategically at this game and I react quickly. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  15. L4D: 7
    Gimme dual pistols and I’m good. Even though I usually take the most damage, I do get a lot of kills and headshots.

    TF2: 5

    CoD4: 9
    But seriously, I love and pwn in CoD4. The G3, M4A1, and MP5 are my top 3 favorite guns, and the Suppressor is my favorite attachment.

    Halo 3: 5
    Fore some reason, I blow. Well, I’m not THAT bad, but some asshole keeps making me die in questionable ways.

    Halo Wars: 7
    Micromanagement effteedubya.

  16. CSS: 6
    A Bit better than a average person I guess. I get a lot of fan chat strings like, “I`ll follow you!”or “You own bro”. But I hav my noobish times too…

    Gmod: 7, 4
    In gmod, Building might be my best topic, I also end up making the bigest creation on the server ๐Ÿ˜›
    But when it comes to owning there… I suk.

    Portal: 5

    RaceDriverGRID: 6
    Even tho I got this game like a week ago, I drift like a pro.

  17. CS: Once a 9, now a 6.5
    When CS came out in Portugal, I would be the little 10-year-old across the room owning your ass over and over…Now, I lost my interest, with all the great games out there.

    TF2: 8 (When Sniper or Scout, 9)
    I love this game for many reasons, but also because I own at it… I just wished some European clan would recruit me.

    L4D: 6.5
    I’m usually the team’s sniper…

    DOD:S : 5
    GunGame maniac… it’s the only game mode I play, actually.

    HL(1,2,Ep1,Ep2,Decay,assorted mods) 9.5
    I love Half-Life. I started playing when I was 9. True story.

    (Here’s an idea!: Why don’t we create a Steam group for GamerSushi? Maybe we could form a little clan! It would be LEGEN- wait for it… -DARY!!)

  18. Gmod: 9.1337
    I am really REALLY good at this game. Ive played it for a long time and Im a wire guru and Im admin in alot of server’s

    COD:WOW: 1.800B
    My first COD game and I HATED IT, In tf2 I can play as a scout and only use the baseball bat all round and be effective. In this game I try to be a ninja and I get shot,Teabagged,Called a noob and then I faceplam a storm up

    TF2: 8.101

    I love this game and Im really good at it but for somereason I cant ever get serious business and I endup spycrabbing or jumping of a cliff and suicinding during a game of arena…

    Halo 3: 5.0wned

    When im not trying to find ways to stickmyself with my own grenade im pretty good…..

    Gears of war 2:0.SUCK

    When I join the game eveyone on my team including me facepalms ALOT!

    Eve online:1

    Curiosty killed the cat and I wanted to know what the self destruct button did….. FYI IT SELF DESTRUCTES!!

    Portal: 1-10

    Sometimes I pwn at this game and sometimes I want to play peakaboo with a turret…..

    Boinic commando:rearmed: 3

    Im a man… I dont do tutorials. I couldnt get passed level 1 without giving up my manhood and doing the tutorials

    Starfox 64: 10

    I barrelroll….ALOT

    SSBB: 2

    When Im not trying to video tape me finding funny (or at least I think there funny)
    ways to kill myself Im trying to beat boss battel’s on normal…nuff said

    Warcraft 3, Frozen Throne:9.96954
    I might not be good at the main game, but If I find the right mod then I kick people in the bathingsuit area

    Little Big Planet:3
    I smack people into spike pits….ALOT

    Left 4 Dead:1


    I RUN into the tank and accidently SHOOT my teamates and then we all facepalm…. I also hoard peels and run away from the helicopter on no mercy campaign, and I only talk in voice commands.


  19. L4D:8.9
    CSS: 10 (used to be a ledgend when i was accused of hacking because in de_dust i took out a team of ten without ANY of my teammates fireing a bullet or me dieing)

    Halo:9.5 (beat ledgendary in summer in about 1 day, then i would always get first, then school came so i stopped playing now i suck ๐Ÿ™ )

  20. Supersmash Brothers Brawl: 4. (Can’t believe I actually played it…) I was like a 10 at Super Smash Bros… a 7 at Melee, and now I suck like 5 times more. Apparently, I was good at the N64.

    CoD 4: 3 (Wow, I do suck at Call of Duty 4… Stupid Helicopter Spammers!!! lolz)

    CoD WaW: 8 (I have no clue why I’m better at this game… nor do I care)

    Halo CE: 9 (Like 7 years ago, I was awesome at Halo CE… Haven’t played it since though… That was fun on legendary)

    Halo 3: 5 (Uhh… I r teh mediocre. N@D3 SP@MM1N6 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!! lulz)

    Half-Life 2: 6
    Halflife is awesome… I should have played it more… I still suck though.

    Team Fortress 2: 9
    I dunno why, I rarely take the game seriously. Maybe its the unrealistic art… Scout is still fun to play though.

    Rainbow 6 Vegas: 10. (I rawk @ THis game!!!! I still remember when I had to farm for Assault aces… So boring. That’s what 9 year old brothers are for.)

    Counterstrike: 5.5 (Still Mediocre… Yeah… Probably because the only time I played it was at my friends house… And his computer is laggy as hell.


    SW: KoToR: 10… Probably the best RPG Ever in my opinion…

    Oblivion: 10… Lol… I am a cheap bastard though. I enchant all my armor with invisibility, and just sneak attack everyone with 100% Chameleon…

    … Uhh, I can’t think of anything else… ๐Ÿ™

  21. cod4: 9
    while i might not be the best i can generally face down 5-6 average players on a good day
    css: 4
    had some skills but none that could compare to most
    tf2: 6
    im just a slightly above average sniper or pyro
    MOH Rising sun: 8
    This was the best of the medal of honor series and i was close to an unstoppable force if i got my hands on an m1 carbine
    most other games im kinda hopeless at

  22. TF2 – 6. Depends what class I’m playing. I could be an 8 with a spy but a 1 with a sniper.

    L4D – 5. I will always be the one to pick you up and give you med packs but I’m a pretty lousy shot sometimes.

    Any Half-Life game – 9. I know them all so well that I can go through with my eyes shut.

    Portals – 9. I completed portal prelude without any help from other people or guides.

    Any racing game ever – 2. I hate racing games therfore I suck at them.

    Stealthiness games – 8. I can be pretty stealthy when I want to.

    Everything else – 6. Good, not great.

  23. COD: WaW: 8
    I seem to alot better when playing by myself… IDK why, i just seem to. I am usually #1 on my team, sometimes i fall a little behind. My Kill death ratio isnt the best, because I do much better in the Tactical games, like Headquarters, CTF and S&D.

    LFD: 8
    Im a solid survivor, I’m always aware of my surroundings. Though, if my team is sorry, it doesnt matter how good i am, we ALWAYS lose, this is a team game after all. I always seem to be a hunter, for an obvious reason, but im pretty good at it. im an amazing smoker though!

    Halo Wars: 7.5
    Im good as the Covenant, especially rushing. The UNSC… im terrible with.

  24. OH
    and my XBL gamertag is Masseyguy911 btw!! So if you guys wanna hit me up anytime.

  25. Meh… i can get pretty good at most games, at least an 7/10 after playing for a little bit, but anyway…

    L4D: 8.5/10 first time I played at my friend’s house i took down a tank with dual pistols on advanced…..he won’t play with me anymore :'(

    SSBB: 9/10 I’m pretty much undefeated, except for when i fight Ike’s and Sonic’s and they only use cheap moves.

    CSS: 3/10 Can’t shoot in that game at all.

    Halo 1, 2, 3: 7/10 I can dominate a lot of dudes, but I’m not elite at all

    MGS: 5/10: I suck at stealthy things… I’m kind of a Leeroy Jenkins

  26. [quote comment=”5041″]
    Halo: 7

    Meeeeeh. I’m alright. [/quote]

    ^ nothing aginst you dude, Just wanted to relate back to a post a while back about Reviewers giving higher ratings than should be given. If 7 is “meh, alright”, imagine what 1-5 are… its as if the last 3 (7 to 10) have enormous weight, while 1-6 are indifferently awful. <3 though, just acknowledging…just a reflection.

    The only game I still play online is CS, the original. This whole topic reminds me of cs kids saying “you’re a nub! I am in CAL, I know how to play!!” blah, blah blah. The arguments you get are hilarious. If any of you are Central, come play [MEAN]’s Slaughterhouse any time ;).
    [MEAN] julez

    oh, yeah, im a 10 xD

  27. I’d say for almost all FPS games I’m about a 6 Overall. I miss the other 4 points because sometimes I’m just not aware of my surroundings as well as I should be or because I do stupid stuff. But in any FPS game, give me an hour to get down basic learning curve/advanced techniques and a day of getting strategies/maps down and I can go at it with most of the pros. & aim is no problem. I have perfect aim. And quick aim too. Fighters..not so good at. It takes me about a week to learn a fighting game to perfection. I guess because there’s more to learn in terms of your characters weaknesses and strengths as well as other peoples. But I’m pretty much an all around fast learner and pro when it comes to FPS/Fighting games. No lie =)

  28. Halo (any one of them): 9 This is pretty much the only online game that I’m really good at.
    Battlefield BC: 6 A lot of fun, but I’m not really that good at it.
    Call of Duty series: 3 I am awful at this game. Probably because I don’t really like it all that much, and I haven’t spent any time practicing.
    Mirror’s Edge: 6 I’m basing this off of time trials.
    Puzzle games (Portal, Braid): 10 I would have to say that these are the games I’m best at.

  29. I forgot 1 group of games…

    Battlefield, any of them: 9
    I might be giving myself a high score, but I seem to do amazing in these games, always on top. Love BFBC for the 360, only one i still play, computer cant play the others… yeah it sucks that bad.

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