Top 10 Final Fantasy Songs

Man, watching things like this really reminds me how much I love the Final Fantasy series. Square really has created a long lasting tradition of great music in their flagship series, so I’m hoping that Final Fantasy XIII continues to deliver the great medleys.

It’s actually pretty cool to compare this list to Anthony’s Top 5 Final Fantasy Musical Pieces from a few months back, which is entirely different. Though to be fair, this video only chose one song per game. So which on this list is your favorite? Did any get left out?

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Final Fantasy Songs”

  1. Oh gosh, Final Fantasy has such amazing music. I cried at the end of Final Fantasy X, and I teared up watching the segments he picked for “To Zanarkand”. Absoultely the best piece of video game music ever – barring Galaxy Man’s Theme from MM9.

    🙂 I need to stop procrastinating and learn “To Zanarkand” on the piano.

  2. They seemed to go mostly for the big epic numbers, which makes sense I guess. Not too many of my faves there, with the huge exception of To Zanarkand of course. And the prelude, to a lesser degree. Biggest head-scratcher for me is Liberi Fatali – never could find anything much to like about that piece. I’d pick Fisherman’s Horizon or Eyes On Me, personally, but maybe I’m just a sentimental fool.

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