The Wonderful World of RPG Cliches

chronotriggerI am a rabid fan of RPG’s, and have been for quite some time now. I love playing an engrossing story, leveling up, and collecting loot. While these games used to be priorities in my gaming schedule, they’ve gradually grown a little weak, and perhaps, a tad too predictable. Let’s face it, if there’s one thing that we know for certain about video gaming, it’s the basic generic plot that most RPGs tend to follow.

GamesRadar has put together a hilarious, awesome and totally accurate list of 30 Rules Every RPG Must Follow in an attempt to outline just how cliche the stories of these games have become. Everything from the hero’s village being destroyed all the way to the mythical “ancient race”, they nail them perfectly.

I’d have to say my favorite bit is the one about the family sword that is passed down from generation to generation that also happens to be the worst sword in the game. What were your favorites? And what’s the last RPG you played?

Source- GamesRadar

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6 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of RPG Cliches”

  1. right now I am playing star ocean the last hope and it meets a bunch of these cliches. Most of them are modified as Star Ocean is in space but it is basically the same

  2. Lufia 2 Is my all time favorite RPG. It’s auto “hit a a billion times” button for grinding and amazing storyline really makes this one stand out to me.

  3. Forgot to add that a lot of those cliche’s aren’t in the game. I especially like how your best friend is a girl and you crush her heart right in front of her in the game. simple amazing.

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