Halo 3 Joins the 1 Billion Club

halo3One billion is a big number. That’s a thousand million, if you weren’t aware. That’s a lot of millions, when you think about it. Anyway, we’re so focused on this big billion number, because as of yesterday, that’s how many Halo 3 matchmaking games have been played online. One billion games. That’s a poop ton of tea bagging, no?

To help put into perspective just how monumental this is, Halo 2 still has yet to reach one billion games in its huge, seemingly everlasting tenure. Right now it sits just under 800 million. Another cool fact? The matchmaking games played equal out to over 64,000 years of playing time. How wild is that?

So, who has contributed and is still contributing to these one billion games and then some? I’ve contributed quite a fair share, and most of those are of the slayer variety.

Source- Bungie

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7 thoughts on “Halo 3 Joins the 1 Billion Club”

  1. I’ve played quite a bit, mostly when I first got my 360. I don’t play it as much anymore, I don’t consider it as fun as my other games – but still a fun title to play with family.

  2. I totally have. I played Halo 2 way more though. I don’t understand really…Halo 2 didn’t hit 1 billion, which I think is weird. I think the long transition from 2 to 3 brought massive hype and got way more kids into the game. The play time is whats crazy. I mean it sounds impossible until you realize that thousands of games are going on at the same time and practically 24/7. Amazing work for Bungie.

    I still miss Halo CE for PC & 2 🙁

  3. I used to play the mess out of that game, now its more of BFBC, COD, and L4D. I think it is the best in the franchise, with Halo CE being a close second.

  4. I played 2000 matches. That took me one year- 1 billion games? That seems insane. I mean, 64,000 years ago there were still cavemen! What does this say about us as a race?

  5. [quote comment=”5010″] What does this say about us as a race?[/quote]

    It says we have a near unhealthy love for video games. Google the number of divorces due to video games, its quite shocking.
    And I think this just shows XBOX is on top right now in the epic console wars.

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