Debunking Video Game Lies

mk-ermacRemember back in the day, when there was nothing like PSN or XBox Live or Steam for you to monitor what your friends were doing and see their trophies or achievements? Back then, they could say whatever they wanted, and you had to take them at face value. There’s a dude named Ermac in Mortal Kombat, they would say. Or you can resurrect Aeris, they’d report. Lies!

Well, someone has finally decided to put a stop to all of the video game lies with the official Video Game Lies Wiki, which documents the many untruths that people cling to about their old favorites. It’s definitely interesting to scroll through some of the lists and see things that I recognize from my elementary and middle school days.

Definitely worth checking out. So which of these are familiar to you guys? Did you have that one friend (like I did) who always lied to you about things hidden in video games?

Source- Video Game Lies Wiki via GameSetWatch

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7 thoughts on “Debunking Video Game Lies”

  1. Like that time that somebody told me that there was a ‘missingno’ pokemon in red and blue version! Oh wait…

  2. I remember the old Super Mario Bros lie my older brother told me. He swore he jumped over it and warped to a secret stage and could do it whenever he wanted… but for some reason he would never show me. Great find, I like the General Lies, “The liar has a relative, such as an uncle or older sibling, who works for a game developer and provides secret information.” We all know that kid lol.

  3. This kid once tried to tell me he jumped OVER the flag pole at the end of a level in SMB.

    I didn’t believe it even when I was 7.

  4. I remember hearing about the mew behind the truck thing in red and blue from my cousins. I also remember hearing about something being behind Bill’s house but I don’t think it was what was on that page.

  5. Super Mario 64. The whole cannon to the roof. Lots of kids had theories. One I remember was you had to ground pound a butterfly just right, it turned into a bombomb and then you had to lead/throw it on the grate. All it really took was all the stars.

  6. [quote comment=”4987″]This kid once tried to tell me he jumped OVER the flag pole at the end of a level in SMB.

    I didn’t believe it even when I was 7.[/quote]

    What? I thought you could jump over the flag pole?… hmm…

    *goes upstairs and turns on Mario Allstars on SNES*

    The Pokemon lies were the WORST. Man i remember kids lying. It was funny when some actualy worked ( like the missing # that would multiply your 6th item or whatever) and also when trading pokemon, if you turned off your gameboy at just the right time, you would KEEP the traded pokemon, and the other person would also get it… But if you turned the gameboy off at the wrong time it would be deleted hahaha. now Thats gambling with Mew!

  7. I remember somone telling me you had to beat SSB64 on hard in 3 minutes with one life to unlock Megaman…. so then I faceplamed

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