Dead Rising on the Wii Versus XBox 360

Dead Rising: Chop ’til You Drop just recently hit for the Nintendo system, and it’s received a lot of flack for just how much fewer the zombies seem to appear in number than the original 360 version. While it’s painfully obvious that the Wii would never match up with the XBox 360 graphically, it really is a shame to see so many gameplay changes that will probably hurt the zombie beat-em-up we all know and love. Also, the graphics really are just not all that great. If you don’t believe me, check out the comparison video.

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7 thoughts on “Dead Rising on the Wii Versus XBox 360”

  1. Shooting certainly looks a whole lot easier on the Wii but other than that it’s 360 all the way. I though they’d scale the number of zombies down but not that much, that’s just doesn’t look any fun. And can you really not do the part at the beginning of the game in the helicopter on the Wii version? Or did they just not have footage for it, that part was really cool.

  2. why is the wii so…pitiful? I was going to get one..just for the heck of it..but..what the fark? I really wanna say **** cuz that’s what it deserves. A nice big what the ***?!

  3. I facepalm’d on “I don’t have time for a joyride.” Why did they even do this? Its like trying to get a greasy baby to open a katchup bottle, YOUR DOING IT WRONG!!!!!

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