First Old Republic Webcomic Is Live

swtorBioware is hard at work on The Old Republic, the MMO continuation of the KOTOR franchise. Right now, this is the only MMO that I’ve ever really been tempted to play, and the more content I see, the more I just salivate and have to avoid the Internet altogether. Seriously, this game might ruin me.

In preparation for the inevitable albeit mysterious release date of the Star Wars MMO, Bioware has published the first TOR webcomic. By the time the game comes out, there will be six total. Perhaps when the second one comes out, we’ll have a better idea of when this game might launch.

As far as webcomics go, I’m a big fan of the art, and it looks like it’s setting us up for a pretty grand and epic space opera once the game hits. While many of the commenters hilariously feel the need to gripe about what is just a bit of a prequel piece, I enjoyed it. What do you guys think?

Source- Star Wars: The Old Republic

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2 thoughts on “First Old Republic Webcomic Is Live”

  1. The sad thing is I am pretty interested in this MMO as well. Thing is I swore not to play anymore and I really need to hold strong to that. I became really against paying for a game ever since seeing Guild Wars. Seriously if they can do that much and you don’t have to pay…The other thing is they are so addicting as we all know. Ill end up reading this comic, and probably be wanting some TOR action 🙁

  2. So… we do have to pay to play? Well, that rules this one out for me. Sure I love Bioware games, but I don’t think I should pay anymore than the $50 price tag in the store to play.

    Why can’t these games be free!?!

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