Oregon Trail for the iPhone Brings Back Memories

Man, did anyone else remember playing Oregon Trail on old school computers back in the day? Because I remember playing the junk out of that in the library and in elementary school. My favorite was when like, you’d have a kid get cholera. And you’re still pushing on, trying to make it to the next area. And you get the messages.

Timmy has cholera.
Timmy has cholera.
Timmy has fever.
Jenny has died.

Wtf?! Jenny wasn’t even sick! Damn you, Oregon Trail! Anywho, the game is coming out for the iPhone and now I kind of want one just to play this game. Check out the trailer.

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7 thoughts on “Oregon Trail for the iPhone Brings Back Memories”

  1. Ah, the days of dysentary… Not a day of fourth grade went by without us youngsters crowding around a few computers, watching and shouting orders at the lucky few kids who got to play that day. Oh, SO MUCH NOSTALGIA!!!

  2. I see some potential to have a murder simulator here. It will be just like locking your sim in a closet that is on fire exept with a wide variety of diseases coupled with spriting in the winter coupled with starvation 🙂

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